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10 kitchen utensils that will help you prepare mouth-watering street food at home | Most Wanted Products

Street delicacies are very common in India and many are even popular around the world. From aloo chaat to milky kulfis, there is no limit to the food available around street corners. Street food is also economical and therefore extremely popular for mouthwatering snacks that can be immediately devoured. Our kitchen utensil list will give you an exceptional advantage in preparing these items at home. For your next get-together, treat your guests to delicious fries, popcorn, cotton candy and toasted paneer and more. Making these recipes at home will hone your skills and be much more hygienic as well. Enjoy delicious snacks using these innovative tools:

From potatoes to apples to beets, this tool will chop all vegetables to create ultra-thin crisps that can be fried. Health enthusiasts can also air fry and roast the crisps for a healthy snack.


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Spiral cutter

Roasted or fried spiral potatoes are the most delicious you can get your hands on. This manual device will help you to create a spiral easily and quickly. This tool can also be used for carrots, cucumbers and more.

Grilling meat, paneer and vegetables will become effortless and easy with this mini electric grill. The product is available under Rs 5,000 and comes with 6 forks or “seekh” which can be used to pierce food and hang it over the grill.

Cotton candy was everyone’s favorite snack for community fairs and holiday gatherings. Whip up that chewy and delicious snack at home with this new tool that runs on electricity.

Popcorn machine

Popcorn is a must-have movie night snack. Pop dry corns in your favorite flavor with this popcorn maker. You can also toast peanuts, cashews, papad and other appetizers in this popper.

Struggling to make that perfect patty for homemade burgers? This handy tool will help you make a dozen patties quickly and efficiently. This pancake maker can also be used to make tikkis for aloo-chaat and more.

Whether it’s laddos or perfectly crusted samosas, this set of 14 molds will help you whip up all kinds of Indian delicacies quickly and efficiently. The molds are made from sturdy plastic.

Before French fries and French fries, snacks like murukku and bhujiya were prepared at home using a press that turns the dough into thinly sliced ​​snacks. This press comes with 15 different shapes which can be used to make namkeen, chakli, sev, farsan and more.

Sandwich maker

If you don’t have an electric sandwich maker at home, consider this handy tool that can be used on a gas stove. With ridges on both sides, this sandwich maker will help you prepare toasted sandwiches in no time.

This snack maker is originally known as paniyarakkal and is used to make a breakfast delicacy known as Kuzhi Paniyaram. You can also use this cookware to make idlis and pancakes.

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