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5 electric kitchen appliances you need in a modern Indian kitchen

Electrical appliances for the kitchen

Technology plays an imperative role in our lives – from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed at night. We are surrounded by a number of technological inventions that make our lives easier and smoother. This reliance on technology has infiltrated all parts of our lives, including the kitchen space. Our kitchens are modernizing and moving towards a digital future. In such a situation, the electrical appliances in the kitchen seem to be the best help one could ask for. These electrical devices not only improve the quality of work, but are also extremely easy to use, making them user-friendly for all ages. If you’re thinking about modernizing your kitchen, here are some of the appliances you can start your journey with.

5 electric kitchen appliances for the modern kitchen:

1. Prestige electric rice cooker:

Almost all households in India depend on rice for at least one meal of the day. When you have a rice cooker, you can freely use the cooker and the pressure cooker for other purposes. The result: faster and more efficient cooking time. Just pour in the required amount of rice and water and voila, this rice cooker automatically finishes cooking with its auto-off button and keeps rice warm for hours.

2. Borosil Crusher:

Waste no more time and effort chopping vegetables and fruits, with the use of the electric chopper you will have finely chopped ingredients in minutes. The double blades installed in the chopper can also chop spinach and other leafy vegetables. It also comes with a low noise motor for quiet operation.

3. Pigeon electric kettle:

Whether it’s cold winters or a blustery monsoon, a glass of hot water is never too far away with the help of the electric pigeon kettle. Quick and easy to use, the electric kettle plugs into any corner of your home, making boiling water the most accessible. The BPA-Free Cordless Electric Kettle makes a striking presence on any kitchen counter or buffet when preparing and serving and it’s easy to store, too.

4. PRO365 coffee frother:

Coffee is increasingly becoming the beverage choice among many today. There is no denying that perfectly frothy and frothy coffee is enjoyed by everyone, but we often cannot achieve the same results when we manually try to do it. Well, don’t worry, with the Electric Coffee Frother you will have the perfect thick and succulent coffee froth in minutes. Forget about getting tired in the morning, just press a button and your delicious cup of coffee is ready.

5. Butterfly fruit and vegetable cleaner:

Right now, an electric fruit and vegetable cleaner is just what you need for that extra step of insurance. The safety and hygiene of the food we have on a daily basis is important and this is where an electric fruit and vegetable cleaner comes to your rescue. The product will help remove pesticide residues, germs and infectants from the surfaces of raw foods. It comes with active oxygen technology which kills bacteria and removes dangerous chemicals. It is also equipped with three preset automatic timers.

There you have it, important kitchen electrical appliances that will transform your time in the kitchen much more easily and smoothly.