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5 Innovative Kitchen Utensils Any Cook Will Appreciate

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The stars of the modern kitchen may be the gleaming appliances and designer kitchen utensils, but the real heroes of any well-equipped kitchen are the small, often overlooked innovations. These less glamorous cookware can be the difference between a daunting task and a seamless one, a daunting kitchen proposition and an inspired culinary venture.

The products presented below stand out for their minor, but significant improvements over proven kitchen utensils. Whether it’s a cutting board, a meat thermometer, or a storage container, these are not the products likely to be displayed on counters to impress and wow guests. Rather, these kitchen additions are the invaluable behind-the-scenes workhorses that make great things possible.

Cooking, as an art form, can spark a real passion in some and can be a necessary evil for others. Yet anyone who spends more than a few hours a week in the kitchen, whether new or experienced, is bound to appreciate a carefully crafted tool that makes mundane tasks easier and can even enhance the overall cooking experience. The kitchen products we’ve featured above offer all of this, at prices that are just as easy to enjoy.

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