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5 Julia Child Approved Cookware That Goes On Sale For Black Friday

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We are always looking for professionals for the best tools to use in the kitchen, whether it is the rotisserie by which our Test Kitchen swears that Where Ina Garten essential kitchen items. After all, no one knows about good, durable kitchen utensils like those that cook nine to five. (That’s why we always ask our Test Kitchen editors for the best cookware and kitchen accessories, from mixers to plates.)

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And if there’s one person we’d like to borrow for the holiday season, maybe it’s Julia Child, who’s always known how to entertain. as deliciously and easily as possible. While we can’t become culinary school graduates and cookbook authors overnight, we can certainly take inspiration from the tools Child uses in his kitchen. Fortunately, you can find a full catalog of items in the Kid’s Kitchen, which is kept at the Smithsonian, via the Wayback Machine.

We searched for the best deals on some of these Julia Child-approved gadgets and found some real gems, including 49% off a KitchenAid stand mixer. (The kid herself had a cobalt blue KitchenAid blender that she had entered her name and signature slogan—Bon appetit!) Here are five of the best Black Friday deals on cookware and cooking utensils the kid used in their own kitchen, so you can experience the Julie and Julia lifestyle of your dreams.

KitchenAid 5 Quart Professional Stand Mixer

Take the stress out of the holiday season: let this classic kitchen appliance do all the work for you. You can take a Target 5 Quart Blender Now For $ 220, which is a far cry from the regular price of $ 430. If you are more interested in a different size or color mixer, please give sales on the KitchenAid website a glance. You can use this handy blender for many classic Julia Child recipes, as well as some of our own favorite holiday recipes like these. Gingerbread marshmallows.

Cuisinart SmartPower 7 Speed ​​Electronic Bar Blender

The child was very supportive of the use of time-saving tools in the kitchen, including blenders. (Herself included two blender recipes in her first cookbook!) In her Smithsonian kitchen, visitors will see a Cuisinart blender, like this 40 ounce version (buy it: $ 80, it was $ 150; Amazon). You can use it to make classic sauces, like hollandaise sauce in a children’s blender, or make a batch of our blender muffins.

KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor

It’s no secret that Julia Child loved her food processor-herself went to the Dick Cavett Show to show the skills of his machine. There’s a KitchenAid food processor in his kitchen at the Smithsonian, and you can pick up the 13-cup version of the brand (buy it: $ 200, was $ 250) during Williams Sonoma’s first Black Friday deals. If you usually cook for a small group, grab this 7 cup processor (buy it: $ 70, was $ 100) on sale at Home Depot.

Marble mortar and pestle

There is no duplication of Child’s marble mortar and pestle – according to the Smithsonian, the chef bought his at a French flea market while studying in Paris. While you might not need a huge mortar and pestle for Julia’s usual projects like making fish mousse, you might want a smaller version to muddy up the spearmint. or crush whole peppercorns. This Portmeirion Mortar and Pestle (buy it: $ 10, it was $ 25; Macy’s) would definitely do the trick – and it has several five-star reviews to convince you.

Copper cookware

As with the mortar and pestle, you’re unlikely to duplicate Child’s exact copper pots and pans mix. A Smithsonian curator says The child bought a large part of his collection at the French distributor E. Dehillerin. If you don’t have a tight budget for shopping in Paris but still want to splurge on even-baked copper cookware, you might consider the Williams Sonoma Thermo-Clad Copper 10-Piece Cookware Set (buy it: $ 1,400, or $ 2,145; Williams sonoma), which garnered rave reviews from home cooks. “I’ve had this set for over 17 years,” one review read. “I bought them knowing that I would never need to replace them and that they would probably be a heirloom collection. They are much loved and used daily.”

No matter what you choose to pick up during the holiday sale, you can’t go wrong with any of these classics. And while they aren’t on sale for Black Friday, some of the books kept in the kid’s kitchen would make perfect holiday gifts for your foodie friends, and they’re currently on sale on Amazon. Get a copy of the classic Mastering the art of French cuisine (buy it: $ 27, it was $ 40), Larousse Gastronomic (buy it: $ 56, was $ 115) or Joy of cooking (buy it: $ 18, was $ 40) to give some food for thought this year.