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5 Kitchen Tools You Need If Your New Year’s Resolution Is To Learn To Cook

We have been wishing each other a happy new year for 4 days already! If you’ve made resolutions and promises to make the most of this year, we’re here to cheer you up and make sure that if you keep your mind up and work on it, you sure won’t give up. your resolution. Cooking is a lifelong skill and regardless of your gender, knowing how to cook is sexy! Here are 5 beginner-friendly utensils and cookware that will help you and make your cooking experience fun and easy.

Start by learning how to make easy snacks and brunches like sandwiches that can be learned quickly without much effort. A sandwich maker with adjustable hinges that fits any size of toast or snack will make sure your dish is tastier and restaurant-like.

Price: Rs 4650

Offer: Rs 1463

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While chopping vegetables and other kitchen ingredients can be a scary and tedious task for anyone who has held a knife for the first time in their life, a chopper will be a divine product to save you time and chop your veggies. uniformly. .


Price: Rs 495

Offer: 249 Rs

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A rustproof stainless steel blade set or chopper and cookie cutter set is a kitchen staple that will help you whip up any dish you want in no time.

peeler set

Price: Rs 999

Offer: Rs 699

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This easy to use peeler set is your one stop solution for all slicing, cutting and chopping activities in your kitchen. Think how many kitchen knives and cutlery this unique tool can replace!


Price: Rs 349

Offer: 229 Rs

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A compact egg cooker perfect for boiling 8 eggs at a time is the perfect product to help you find a work-life balance. Prepare easy breakfasts and snacks in no time with this boiler tool featuring overheat protection and auto power off that turns the unit off after food has been boiled or steamed. steam.

egg boiler

Price: Rs 2495

Offer: Rs 1460

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