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7 essential kitchen tools every baker needs to take it to the next level

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If you’re anything like us, you easily fall down the TikTok and Instagram rabbit holes of beautifully crafted desserts. As easy as some bakers make it look, creating beautiful baked goods takes patience, practice and, key, the right tools. You see, if you try to roll out the dough with, for example, a heavy cylindrical vase or even a 2-liter vase, the result will simply not be the same as if you used a suitable rolling pin. Likewise, whipping batter with a fork will never be as smooth as it is with a premium mixer.

The thing is, if your goal is to become a more skilled baker, knowing which tools make the biggest difference will definitely help you (because the last thing you need is 10,000 more gadgets in your kitchen for the sake of it). fun to do – we want things to work, and it’s verified by a pro). With that in mind, we spoke with Liberty Baking Co. Pastry Sous Chef Kim Schaeffer about the seven best tools you need to cook like a pro. Gorgeous frosted cakes that look like they came out of a bakery, here we come.

The Best Kitchen Utensils That Will Up Your Baking Game

JK Adams Co. French Rolling Pin — $15.00

If you imagine a rolling pin with handles, think again. According to Schaeffer, who was part of the baking team responsible for creating the White House Christmas 2021 Gingerbread House Displayy, which was designed to honor frontline workers, French rolling pins are the way to go. Unlike American handle pins, French rolling pins are tapered cylinders that, as Schaeffer points out, you can easily maneuver to shift the weight from side to side to achieve perfectly round dough.

oxo thermometer

OXO Instant Read Digital Thermometer – $23.00

Just like when it comes to meats, Schaeffer says many baking recipes call for cooking with a certain temperature in mind. “For example, if you’re making Swiss meringue buttercream, you should cook the egg white and sugar to 160 degrees F,” she shares, noting that an instant-read thermometer ensures that you reach the right temperature.


Juome 5 Wheel Pastry Cutter – $22.00

Have you ever cut a pan of brownies only to make each row look uneven? This is exactly why Schaeffer recommends a 5 wheel pastry wheel for any hopeful baker.

“The rolling pin is a classic tool in any kitchen, but when you have five rolling pins side-by-side, things get a whole lot easier,” she says. “It’s not just used for pie crust, but also when you need to perfectly cut brownies, cookies, or any other treat.”

oxo icing spatula

OXO Good Grips Angled Icing Spatula – $11.00

Bent icing spatulas (aka offset spatulas) are a mainstay in Schaeffer’s kitchen.

“Offset spatulas are something I use almost every day and couldn’t live without,” she shares. “Being in the wedding cake industry, this tool is a must have. Whether it’s leveling batter in your cake pans, smoothing your buttercream down the side of your cake, and even creating fun textured patterns on the cake too!” She points out that offset spatulas come in a variety of sizes, and miniature versions are often the tool of choice for those frosted cupcakes. (Fun fact: the founder of Sprinkles candy nelson revealed that this is the spatula used for every Sprinkles creation.)

food scale

Cuisinart® PrecisionChef™ Digital Kitchen Scale — $50.00

Weighing your ingredients may seem like a lot, but Schaeffer assures us it’s the right way to approach cooking. “Yes, we’re in the United States, but any pastry chef will tell you that we don’t use the imperial system, we use the metric system,” she says, noting that everything has to be weighed. “I also use the scale to measure the weight of the batter I put in each cake pan instead of just looking at it.” (No wonder her layer cakes and cupcakes are always so perfect!)

cookie balls

Set of 3 Homure H cookie scoops — $23.00

If you’ve ever tried pouring or pouring batter into a cupcake pan, you know how messy it can be. Schaeffer’s secret? She uses cookie scoops. “Spoons come in many different sizes with specific measurements,” she says. “They’re especially useful when baking cupcakes because they give you more control over the batter and ensure that each cupcake ends up being exactly the same height.”

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.