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7 essential kitchen utensils for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that is all about gathering and sharing a meal – so there’s a lot of pressure on the host to make sure every part of the dinner is perfect. From basting the turkey to chopping vegetables for sides, preparing the feast means many hours are spent in the kitchen. We’re here to share the gadgets that can help reduce that time, so you can spend more if it’s family.

Shop All Day contributor Jenn Falik stopped by TODAY to break them all down, and we have a feeling you’re going to want these six must-haves in your kitchen next Thursday (and wonder how you made it so long without them).

From a tantalizing brining kit to a buffet server that will keep mashed potatoes warm, these useful finds just might end up in your kitchen all year round. We’ve also rounded up other finds that can make vacation accommodations easier, including a classic family game.

Thanksgiving 2021 must-haves

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

Editor’s Note: Due to high demand, our selection is no longer available to be sold and shipped by Amazon.

Usually, roasting a turkey means your oven is unavailable for hours. No more. This revolutionary electric roaster means you can put sides and desserts in the oven while the turkey roasts on the counter – and even baste yourself. The rotisserie can hold up to a 26 pound turkey and the lid is designed to recirculate moisture, saving heat, energy and cooking time. Once the turkey is cooked, you can use it to simmer gravy and keep your stovetop safe from drips and spills.

ThermoPro Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer

You only get one turkey – so you want to make sure you cook it well. This meat thermometer has over 75,000 five-star ratings verified by buyers who have trusted it for their everyday cooking. One reviewer even said it would make a great gift. It is battery operated (batteries included) and can read temperature in as little as five seconds with sub-degree accuracy.

Fire & Flavor Turkey Perfect Cajun Brine Kit

However you like to prepare your turkey – fried, roasted, grilled or smoked – you’ll want it to be full of flavor. This kit comes in a mouth-watering herbal flavor that you can use to season a bird weighing up to 25 pounds. It’s a five-step process, but it can save you a lot of time in the long run because you won’t have to prepare anything from scratch. The only thing you will need is the turkey.

San Francisco Salt Company Organic Turkey Brine Kit

Our top brine pick is no longer available, but this best-selling brine kit is another option that Amazon shoppers are loving right now. It is ideal for brining turkeys up to 22 pounds and is certified organic and kosher. It includes the brining bag and seasonings you’ll need to make a flavorful turkey.

Taylor Precision Products Whiteboard Timer

Stop setting timers on your phone and take it to the next level with this awesome whiteboard timer. You can track up to four dishes at a time and label them clearly on the timer, so there’s no mishap in the kitchen. Don’t worry – each timer has its own separate alarm, so you can tell which meal is actually done when it goes off.

Farberware meat grinder

You’ll likely need your wooden spoons for other dishes throughout the day, so investing in this meat grinder will save you from messing up extra dishes. This niche kitchen tool has gone viral on TikTok for a reason: it’s efficient and easy to maintain because it’s dishwasher safe. The blades not only make mashing ground meat easier, but are also angled, allowing you to scrape down the sides of bowls and pans and avoid burnt bits.

Elite Gourmet Triple Buffet Warmer

If Thanksgiving in your home is buffet style, these food warmers are a must. You can keep multiple dishes warm when using all three trays at once or insert a large tray for larger meals. The temperature controls are adjustable, so you can use it for everything from dinner to dessert long after the holidays are over.

More Amazon Must-Haves for Thanksgiving Dinner

Sunvivi roasting oven with self-basting lid

Sunvivi’s best-selling coffee roaster comes in two different sizes: 18-quart or 24-quart capacities. The largest option can hold a 22 pound turkey and heat up to 450 degrees. The lid recirculates moisture, making it another self-watering option to consider for the holidays.

Soupon Dreamfarm

Stirring, scraping, serving, this spoon does just about it all. No matter what you’re cooking, the unique spoon design means you don’t need a spoon rest while cooking – it stays elevated above the stove’s surface. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

Hasbro Games Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

While everyone is waiting for dinner to be ready, this game is a great way to entertain guests. It includes cards for kids and adults, so players of all ages can have fun and put their knowledge to the test.

Subekyu Small Hanging Kitchen Trash Can

Keep your countertop junk-free while you prepare your meals with this smart tool. You can hang it on a drawer in your kitchen and slide the waste directly into the trash can. After you’re done, it can collapse and be neatly stored away for next time.

SB Simpli cutting board with storage

Prepare, cut and store everything you need with this innovative cutting board. You can cut and grate the top, then toss it all straight into a silicone storage bin, thanks to the smart slot. When you’re ready to use your ingredients, the bins can go straight into the fridge or microwave. “It was such a good buy,” wrote one verified reviewer. “It’s especially good for small kitchens where you need to get organized while you cook.”

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