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8 Kitchen Appliances That Solved Problems You Didn’t Know Had To Be Solved

Remember in “Back to the Future” when Marty McFly returned to the 50s and found he didn’t know how to live in a society that didn’t have modern 80s conveniences like skateboards, electric guitars and Tab cola? This is how you will feel about your own life once you finish reading this article.

It’s true: we’re about to add a flux capacitor to your kitchen.

From a singing pasta timer that sings arias to an airtight container of guacamole, these nine inexpensive kitchen tools will enhance your kitchen in ways you never imagined possible.

The problem it solves

No more extra cleanup if you’re cooking a meal that loves to spit on you.

Freewell Splash Guard

Frywall 10 (Medium) – Red – Splatter Guard, as seen on Shark Tank


Whether you’re cooking bacon, searing chicken, or playing ‘how long should I cook my steak before I overcook it and disappoint my dad’, it doesn’t matter – splatters are going to happen.

The Frywall 10 Splatter Guard (as seen on Shark Tank) offers all-around protection from anything that sizzles with a BPA-free, FDA-compliant silicone cone that looks a bit like the one that keeps your dog from licking his balls. Due to its unique shape, the Frywell Splatter Guard allows users to continue cooking while protecting you from splatters.

The problem it solves

You’ll never overcook or undercook pasta again. (Plus: music!)

Al Dente – The floating pasta timer that sings

Al Dente – The floating pasta timer that sings


If you’re like most people, the final step in cooking pasta is to clumsily fish out a single strand with a fork, blow on it in a futile attempt to cool it, and burn the skin off the roof of your mouth, the everything to know if it is still soft enough for human consumption. But did you know there is a better way?

Discover Al Dente. It’s the pasta timer with a built-in temperature sensor that literally sings songs as your pasta reaches varying stages of doneness.

Here’s how it works: drop Al into a pot of boiling water and pasta, and wait for the beep. At minutes three, seven, nine, and eleven, Al sings various opera arias (e.g. “That’s Amore”, “Tarantella Napoletana”, “Prisoners’ Choir” and the Godfather theme) for everything from spaghetti to tagliatelle. Perfect for any kitchen that loves Italian cuisine and the work of Italian composer Nino Rota.

Is it just a timer with a gimmick? Yes. But is this gadget hilarious? Yes too.

The problem it solves

It strips the yolk immediately from the white, allowing you to use one or the other (or both) separately.

2pcs Aidragon Egg Separator White Egg Yolk Separator

2pcs Aidragon Egg Separator White Egg Yolk Separator


Separating egg whites from yolks is not for the faint hearted: the crackle, the touch, the dripping…and the goo! The horrible sticky goo! Sure, professional chefs can probably pull it off without a hitch, but if you’re only using egg whites for a few specific recipes a year, you’re probably at risk of accidentally putting yolk (or even shell) in your Pisco Sour. , cheesecake, or frittata.

This ceramic egg separator is a kitchen essential for the delicate or the messy. Crack an egg into the separator, tilt it and watch in awe as the slimy egg white magically drips from the chick’s mouth. What you do with the egg white next is entirely up to you.

The problem it solves

He will wipe your whip.

Wiper whip

Wiper – Easily Wipe A Whisk – Versatile Kitchen Tool


While we’d all love to just lick chocolate icing off whisks all day, the sad truth is that it’s not a hygienic way to clean kitchen utensils (plus, a diet of just chocolate icing will you would kill).

This wiper easily attaches to your whisk to catch drips and save valuable icing while preventing wire loops from touching dirty counters.

The problem it solves

Cut all of your corn on the cob into a single slice.

chef’n corn on the cob peeler

Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper (Yellow)


Some inventions are too ingenious to be considered stupid. Think waffle irons, chips-n-salsa hat and Chef’n Cob corn stripper.

Insert a corn cob into the stripper and press down to remove every kernel in one go from these razor-sharp stainless steel blades. throw it away 3 in 1 avocado slicer into the mix and you have the makings of a little spicy Southwestern salsa yourself!

The problem it solves

Your guacamole will stay green (and delicious) longer.

Casabella Guac-Lock Guacamole Keeper

Casabella Guac-Lock 12-24 oz. Guacamole Keeper with airtight lid, transparent/green


The only downside to avocados is that they start turning ugly brown the second you cut them (or look at them funny, or remember they exist). The Casabella Guac-Lock provides an airtight seal that prevents your guacamole from browning, extending the life of vitamin-rich fruit (that’s right, it’s fruit!) For a longer shelf life – or, at all the less, a more visually appetizing. The shatterproof, odorless, BPA-free plastic container can be used before serving to ensure a fresh guac (or any type of dip) or afterwards to save those precious leftovers from the cruel fate of browning.

The problem it solves

Your fingers (and everything you intended to touch) will stay grease-free and crumb-free.

Non-stick fingertips.

Non-stick finger tips, finger guards, finger protection, 3 pieces (blue)


Ripped straight from the pages of the late night TV multiverse, Smart Fingers solve the age-old problem of chip dust by protecting your snacks with high-quality silicone finger guards. Useless? Maybe, but I’d like to see you handle a pile of legal documents after crushing a bag of Doritos.

The problem it solves

Most kitchens don’t have elephants.

Elephant cutlery holder

PELEG DESIGN Cute and Fun Plastic Elephant Jumbo Cutlery Holder


What’s the point of a cute kitchen appliance if it can’t perform a basic kitchen function? This elephant cutlery holder features a streamlined – and adorable – trunk that channels water out of its nose and into your sink without the stress or mess of a dish drainer. Made from premium solid hard plastic, this freestanding rack requires no setup and is designed to fit everything from teaspoons to spatulas.