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9 outdoor kitchen utensils for summer entertaining

OWith summer fun on the way, all you need is the right gadget to make cooking easier and more fun. Rather than head back indoors, outfit your outdoor kitchen with the tools specifically designed for grilling, cooling, flipping and sipping.

These tools are easy enough to store around your patio or with your grill, so you can easily entertain yourself all summer long.

10 Outdoor Cooking Utensils for Easy Entertaining

Weber Original Kettle 22″ Charcoal Grill — $171.00

You don’t need a fancy setup to host a killer barbecue. The Weber Classic Charcoal Grill makes everyday grilling easy with a spacious grill grate, built-in ash catcher and one-touch cleaning system. Affordably priced and without the complicated bells and whistles, it’s sure to take your next summer shindig to the next level.

hotsch portable blender
Photo: Hotsch

Hotsch Handheld Blender – $27.00

If you plan to invite friends over for tropical drinks, a portable blender is always a good idea. This one is light yet effective, blending smoothies, shakes and, yes, margaritas, in an instant. Plus, it’s small enough to store in small outdoor spaces, so leave it on your grill or toss it on your outdoor bar cart in a snap.

Cuisinart Deluxe 20 Piece Cooking Tool Set — $45.00

Grillmasters – if there’s one outdoor cooking tool to keep handy, it’s this grill set. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this 20-piece kit has everything you need to host your next outdoor get-together. Keep it outside for entertaining at home or take it with you for grilling on the go.

Yeti Tundra 45 Hard Cooler – $299.00

Rather than having guests run to the fridge to get their drinks, fill this bad boy with ice and keep it outside. With three inches of insulation, it’ll keep everything cool for the duration of your party. It’s also UV-resistant and shielded with rotomolded construction, so it will stand the test of time.

BBQ Dragon Instant Read Grill Thermometer — $30.00

Arguably one of the most important tools to keep on hand when barbecuing, this meat thermometer lets you know if your meat is done in just three seconds. It’s also waterproof, so once you’ve washed it, leave it outside on your grill for the next round.

Grill Prep Trays — $50.00

This set of two color-coded trays is designed to make food preparation easier while maximizing food safety. Prepare raw meat on the red board. Then, when your meat is done, arrange it on the black platter, which doubles as a serving platter. Yes, it is really very simple.

Wine Bottle Cooler — $40.00

Freeze your favorite berries, leaves, fruits and more in this beautiful wine cooler that doubles as a decoration. This cylindrical stainless steel mold keeps wine chilled for six hours. It’s the perfect outdoor cooking tool to have ready for your next dinner party to really wow your guests.

Poolside Stemless Wine Glasses — $25.00

Don’t risk your guests breaking glasses by the pool or on the terrace. Use those stemless plastic glasses instead. Even though they’re made of unbreakable plastic, they’re sleek enough to pass for the real thing.

Ooni Frya Pizza Oven — $299.00

If you really want to take your summer entertaining to the next level, splurge on this wood pellet pizza oven. It heats up to 950 degrees in just 15 minutes, making it easy to bake your favorite pizzas and flatbreads to share with friends. The best part? It weighs only 22 pounds, making it portable enough to bring to your next picnic.

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