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A small rice cooker is worth adding to your kitchen appliances

Using a rice cooker is a magical, life-changing experience, especially for anyone who has spent hours scraping burnt rice from the bottom of a traditional pot or wok. No thanks. 😅 With these awesome appliances, you get perfectly cooked rice that’s just fluffy enough Everytime. And yes, cleaning on most models is many easier too thanks to the non-stick inner pots that are dishwasher safe. So what would stop anyone from buying one, you ask? Size is what! As the best mixers and air fryers on the market, many of these nifty machines are quite large. If you’re running out of counter space, you’ll have a hard time finding a suitable spot for them.

Enter the small rice cookers we have selected here! Ahead, you’ll find the best mini options that offer many, if not all, of the same features as their larger counterparts. Not only do they save space, but these cookers are great for practicing better portion control. Before you buy, you’ll want to take note of each model’s parameters, capacity, controls, materials, and additional features to ensure you get exactly what you need. (It’s the same attention with which you would buy, say, a new culinary robot Where Coffee machine.) Conventional models, for example, require home cooks to soak the rice before turning on the machine; microprocessors (or “micom” rice cookers) require nothing more than clean, rinsed rice. Meanwhile, combination cookers can do more than just cook rice, they can also steam or even bake. It’s up to you to choose which model makes the most sense! Stay-cool handles, “keep warm” settings, and dishwasher compatibility are just a few of the other considerations to keep in mind (besides cost, of course).

Once you’ve made your selection, grab one of our favorites rice recipes and whip up fluffy, well-cooked rice in no time.