Advice About Copper Vessel Sinks

Hand-hammered Mexican copper vessel sinks may have all the trappings of a priceless, decorative antique, but their charm and appeal is very much modern and new-age. The manner in which pristine white ceramic oval sinks, glass under-mount sinks, square granite pedestal sinks or even custom designed, small sinks with gleaming brushed nickel fixtures and faucets have been almost completely drowned by the competition from  their copper counterpart is proof of its rising popularity among homeowners and home renovation enthusiasts.

Timeless In Every way

Before copper made a grand entry into the crowded world of vessel sinks, it was actually an integral part of ancient Mexican and Indian culture. They were created, with immense passion and precision, with the old world tradition of hammering a single sheet of copper into the desired shape. Little-known but gifted artisans worked tirelessly in small fabrications shops in Mexico and India. Both these countries were valued the world over for their copper-rich lands.

Mankind has been associated with sinks of this metal even before the advent of plumbing. In fact, even before these sinks created a place for themselves in plumbing history, people from early civilizations used them to fetch water for cleaning. Their immense functional properties even impressed members of the royal household, and soon copper acquired a regal dimension to its use. Paintings and pictures of the bygone era illustrate the eternal beauty of the copper vessel with effortless ease.

Today, these beautifully designed, impeccably crafted and amazingly functional works of art, with a rich and glorious heritage passed on from generation to generation, have become the object of universal awe and fascination. The manner in which these sinks have captured the imagination of both artists and homeowners alike is a sterling tribute to the talent, skill and dedication of the craftsmen. If fact, copper has become so closely intertwined with modern plumbing designs that it is hard to imagine the decor of a home without this absolutely stunning addition.

Unique In Every Way

If you believe that glass sinks are both dazzling and delightful, then you must let your eyes feast on a unique, Mexican-inspired, handmade, 17″ round copper vessel sink with stunning silver overlay or even an impressive copper mosaic glass vessel sink and faucet set. Needless to say, your fascination for glass sinks will be shattered in no time at all. That is the astounding impact that this metal can have, which is why discerning homeowners that have renovation high on their priority list rely heavily on its beauty, elegance and originality to make an iconic style statement. Just imagine the sensational impact when you team this one-of-a-kind sink with decorative artwork and accessories. Simply put, these vessel sinks have taken style and substance to a completely new level.

But these sinks are not only about sizzle and sparkle. The unique method of fire processing gives every piece a very distinct texture and color, in addition to the ability to age elegantly. The ‘living-weathered’ finish comes into effect because the metal constantly reacts with the environment, more specifically with the elements, namely air and water. Commonly referred to as the patina, this means that the hand-engraved and hand finished, lacquered sink – whether a copper kitchen sink, a copper bar, bathroom, farmhouse or apron sink – will give off a rich, elegant and much-cherished antique glow as time passes. This also means that onlookers will continue to remain mesmerized with its breathtaking appeal for generations to come. Since the metal is very malleable, beautiful scenes can be pressed on to them for eternity. Truly, it is an uncontaminated spectacle that remains untainted by the elements.

The unique antibacterial advantage also helps these sinks rise up the popularity charts as compared to other metals and materials. Research has proved that since bacteria can live only for a few hours on a sink made from copper, it is actually a more hygienic and practical choice as compared to stainless steel and stone.

Original and Artistic

Even though copper sinks are crafted in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, each piece remains an original work of art. In fact, you could find a sink that compliments your sense of style. A drop-in copper basin is ideal if your home is steeped in tradition, while if you want to let you contemporary panache speak for itself, then just let a copper bar sink do all the talking.

The different variations in copper sinks are:

  • Size: Sinks are available in different sizes; your choice will depend on the space available in your home.
  • With or without apron: While some sinks look like a bowl, you could add an apron to give it a more closed look.
  • Shape: When it comes to the shape of the sink, you are actually spoilt for choice – square, rectangle, round, oval, canoe, double wall, recessed and even sinks with floral designs impress the connoisseur in you.

Care and Maintenance

Just like all beautiful things have be preserved and protected, the copper vessel sink is no different. Most experts recommend that one must follow the instructions mentioned in maintenance guide for the most personalized form of cleaning. But there are other options as well. If you are keen to maintain the sheen of the metal, then Wright’s copper cream polish, a copper wax solution or sealant, will prevent any change in color and ensure that it looks as good as new. The cleaning routine can include mild dish soap accompanied with water and a sponge and soft cloth. Make sure you keep away harsh chemicals, abrasive materials and rough cleaning cloth, as they could ruin the texture and finish of the sink.

Copper vessel sinks have had a timeless association with mankind, and the reasons are not too hard to find. So when are you planning to seal your bond with this awe-inspiring work of art?