Aluminum Backsplash: Eco-Friendly Alternative

Metal provides a great finish for the kitchen backsplash. Whether it is stainless steel, brass or even zinc, the metal look for the kitchen backsplash is definitely in. But the only stumbling block remains the exorbitant costs. For those who want to get that metal finish for the kitchen backsplash without burning a hole in the pocket, there is some great news in the form of the aluminum backsplash. Just like other metals, aluminum too offers endless possibilities and is the perfect option for the modern day kitchen.

Aluminum backsplash: High on style, not on the pocket

Just like all other sheet metals like brass, copper, zinc and even nickel, the backsplash fabricated from aluminum is a great option. But the difference lies in the price. The aluminum panels are definitely cheaper than copper or even stainless steel panels. Several times the panels are stuck with rigid backing material like water resistant MDF and then this entire assembly is fixed on the wall that needs to be covered. But the electrical cut-outs for electrical outlets and switches need to be precise. Also, like all other metals aluminum too is prone to scratching and denting. So you need to be rather careful.

You can find aluminum in a variety of finishes, colors and designs. The brushed or satin aluminum tile with masonite backing looks absolutely majestic. Sandblasted, recycled aluminum backsplashes not only redefine the kitchen space but also do tremendous service to nature. Recycled aluminum tiles with mixed finishes are the perfect accessory for every ultra-modern kitchen. These recycled aluminum tiles can be used to cover up a brick backsplash as well.

All that is needed is an adhesive to secure the tiles to the brick backsplash. Colored aluminum can work wonders for a small kitchen as it gives a feeling of immense depth. You also have a multitude of textures to choose from like hammered, ribbed and even quilted. But the only hitch is finding stores that deal and specialize in sheet metal, particularly aluminum backsplashes. It may be hard to find at first, but certainly not impossible. You can also download tons of information regarding aluminum backsplashes from the numerous sites on the Internet.

There is nothing better than the aluminum backsplash to compliment a modern day kitchen d├ęcor, especially the stainless steel accessories. Doing up the kitchen backsplash in aluminum is the most unique way to add warmth and visual appeal to the kitchen space.

Here’s a nice video that explains what makes aluminum special, and how the metal is extracted.