Aluminum Peel and Stick Backsplash : What You Would Want To Know …

The New Year brings with it a slew of refreshingly novel ideas. No, I’m not referring to those blink-and-you-miss-it changes that we incorporate in our lives. These alterations are more than just cosmetic, and their import on our lives is anything but symbolic. Still trying to figure out what I’m referring to?

Ever thought of giving your home a fresh lease of life this brand new year? It needn’t be this Mount Everest- inspired gigantic renovation project that would almost certainly leave you strapped for cash. These minor changes can inject a dose of freshness to the stolid environs of your modern home.

Installing photos of a family vacation in your bedroom may be passé, but not the surreally intriguing patterns on the wall in a riot of colors. Your designer bathroom’s sheen seems to have faded into oblivion. Think of some innovative ways to add life to the sink or the vanities, and watch that grave countenance disappear almost instantly.

The easiest way to an idyllic home is by enhancing the intrinsic appeal of its most conspicuous area- the kitchen. A place that’s the hub for activity, animated chatter, aromatic, delectable food and lots more. Is yours still maintaining a detached forlorn character? Shouldn’t the kitchen really mirror your sunshine persona?

If you find yourself nodding in approval, then it’s time for some seriously enjoyable stuff- like creating say eye candy, in the stunning shape of a kitchen backsplash? Please eschew that boring antiquated opinion that a backsplash only needs to protect the wall behind the counter top or cooktop. It can certainly espouse values of glamor and productivity, just like your stylish cookware or sleek stove.

Before you make snap judgments about the materials available to make your backsplash look like an esoteric art form, take a look at the range that enthusiastic suppliers display these days. Mosaic tile backsplash with a horse theme, murals with basket weave patterns on the backsplash, porcelain and ceramic tiles to tie together the kitchen flooring and backsplash, are all past tense. May be you can warm up to that sizzling hottie called granite. But know what is regarded as the ‘it’ backsplash material these days? Metal- alluring, flexible and with designs to die for.

Whether you possess the skill of a gourmet cook or not may be highly debatable, but there can never be any doubt about the rock star status of a metal backsplash in the kitchen. There’s stainless steel, often regarded as the monarch among metal tiles, followed by pressed tin. But steel and tin are not the only members of the metal family.

But considering the astronomical financial effort it takes to install metal backsplashes, you have every right to look askance at them.

So for those steadfast in their decision to install a metal backsplash, here’s a cheaper alternative. Aluminum peel and stick backsplash. These laminates, available in the form of panels or sheets, have the dual advantage of great looks and low cost. They certainly seem to be giving those old bead board panels a run for their money. The thermoplastic metal backsplash tiles in aluminum made by Broan, for instance, cost a mere $29. Finally, here’s an aluminum backsplash that you can embrace wholeheartedly.

Let’s hear it for aluminum kitchen backsplash

Am I making the installation of these backsplash tiles sound remarkably easy? Trust me, it’s easier than you ever imagined. Still wondering if you can install aluminum on the kitchen wall? Then these pronouncements are sure to fill you with uninhibited frenzy.

Even though the popularity of ceramic tiles is rivaled only by stainless steel backsplashes for the kitchen, aluminum is emerging as the buzz metal backsplash material.

One doesn’t have to delve too deep to ascertain the reasons. Like all metals, it’s easy to clean and resistant to heat. Its amazing versatility is another feather in its cap. Modern, Mediterranean, Old World or contemporary kitchen- an aluminum backsplash never hits a false note.

Peel it, stick it, and admire it!

This backsplash ensures that you get all the wonderful advantages of this magnificent metal without the horrendous metal tile backsplash installation costs. These metal tiles come with self-stick tabs that get glued to the wall in no time at all. Wood, plastic, wallpaper- there’s no material that these tiles discriminate against. The installation is done seamlessly, without the application of all that messy grout or the use of fancy tools.

Each tile is made from fireproof material, in a multitude of shapes, sizes and interesting designs and patterns. The eye-popping metallic finishes look impossibly real and don’t invite rust or tarnish. Scratch proof, stain resistant, long lasting… the list is endless. The stunning array of colors has more than a soul stirring, kaleidoscopic impact on the kitchen.

Just in case you change your mind, these tiles are certainly game. They can be removed, replaced and reused with consummate ease. Whether a new construction or a kitchen remodel project, these peel and stick aluminum tiles are the most durable option. It’s a classy, straight-out-of-the-pages-of-a design-magazine look, for a song.

Touch wood! There’s more to metal than aluminum

In our earnest attempt to create the swankiest address in town, we go in for a wood overkill. Wood cabinets, cupboards, furniture… form only the tip of the iceberg. Here, metal backsplashes have a pivotal role to play. They put an end to this claustrophobic woody appeal.

If style with performance is what you desire, then stainless steel, brass, copper and tin belong to this bandwidth. Hammered, quilted and ribbed- a texture for every nifty homeowner.

Whether you choose the sparkling brilliance of a custom-made metallic mosaic tile backsplash or the statuesque character of a pre-fabricated sheet metal backsplash, the kitchen counter and backsplash patterns are sure to come alive. You can tile the complete backsplash in one style or use the metal tile sparingly only on the cook top, with a granite backsplash doing the honors elsewhere.

Make a style statement, effortlessly

If all of this has elicited piquant reactions from you, wait till you greet the other low cost metal backsplash tile options. There’s more to them than just countering the deluge of problems when a tile backsplash meets a granite counter- time, money and precision being just a few. Check out these quick-fix alternatives:

•    Stainless steel: The rising popularity of modern, functional kitchens has put the stainless steel kitchen backsplash back in the saddle. Their trendy appeal, coupled with a host of advantages like resistance to heat and corrosion, has cemented their place in the minds of homeowners. An embossed stainless steel backsplash acquires a stronger cachet when it combines with other stainless steel fixtures like the stove, dishwasher or refrigerator. A thin stainless steel sheet for a backsplash is just as durable and easy to maintain as stainless steel tiles. The peel and stick decorative laminate stainless steel backsplash sheets fuse together to cause quite a stir in your kitchen.

•    Tin: The massive array of decorative thermoplastic panels with thermally infused colors and finishes certainly add a whole new dimension to tin ‘look alike’ backsplashes. One look at the enchanting finishes and embossed designs is enough to send you into raptures. A few cuts with a pair of scissors, and your tin panels are ready to grace the invidious backsplash wall. Pressed tin backsplash, available in a wide gamut of styles ranging from Victorian to art deco, obliterate all competition with their easy installation. These peel and stick panels radiate an antique appeal that’ll make even your normally reticent guests swoon.

•    Copper: If durable, flexible and seamless backsplash tile installations are your buzzwords, then a copper panel backsplash is sure to invoke a great deal of affection. No messy fingerprints, no tarnish; just pure, unadulterated elegance and finesse- that’s what copper sheet backsplash promise, and deliver. A pressed copper backsplash takes you on a very nostalgic trip down memory lane. Add some period lighting to this historic setting, and the rest as they say, is sure to be history!

•    Bronze tiles:  A bronze kitchen tile backsplash is an irresistible combination of vintage subtlety and modern sheek. The decorative thermoplastic panels offer the most affordable means to add a personal touch to one’s kitchen. If you want to create a truly warm and inviting kitchen, a stainless steel backsplash interspersed with bronze accent tiles is just what the interior decorator ordered.

Creating a stunning backsplash is a sure-shot method to add dollops of spunk and oodles of oomph to a lack-luster kitchen. But this revamp does not always have to come at a price. The peel and stick aluminum backsplash panels and their ilk have shown the way. For once, every penny that you spend is valued immensely.

Here’s a nice video you might like to watch. You might try doing this on bead board or cardboard and create a aluminum lookalike backsplash in just about no time.