Kitchen appliances

Amazon Republic Day sale: 8 kitchen appliances under Rs 1000 that add beauty and convenience to your home

The devices act as an integrated support system in the home, helping with task management, maintaining a relatively clean environment, and reducing the ever-changing chaos of everyday life. The benefit of kitchen appliances also goes beyond the typical stainless steels and whites. It adds personality to your kitchen without having to commit to a full kitchen remodel. You can create a beautiful, luxurious, modern and clutter-free kitchen by adding high-end appliances.

Check out these perfect kitchen appliances to inject more personality into your cooking space with the Amazon Republic Day sale.

  1. iBELL SS70B Toaster

Price: Rs 1790

Selling price: Rs 945

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Pop-up toasters reduce the lengthy process of toasting bread on a tawa. This toaster comes in a stainless steel exterior body and an electronic outlet feature with mid-cycle heating element.
It has an attractive finish that makes it a sleek and modern kitchen appliance and helps you make instant toast.

  1. Lifelong iChop Electric Chopper

minced meat grinder

Price: Rs 2000

Selling price: Rs 899

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This Lifelong chopper is brilliantly designed with its stainless steel blades and one-touch automatic operation. It comes with a fast and extraordinary hashing process. Another great feature is its non-slip base which provides a solid and sturdy grip.

  1. Handy Crystal Plastic Xpress Juicer

practical juicer

Price: Rs 300

Transaction price: Rs 273

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Treat yourself and your kids to freshly squeezed juice morning and night with this handy express juicer. It is easy to use and assemble as it does not need to be plugged into a power source. This handy juicer is your perfect choice, maintenance free and safe to use features.

  1. Marbilo Non-Stick Aluminum Dosa Tawa

handy tawa

Price: Rs 995

Selling price: Rs 749

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Prepare all your favorite specialties in this superb cookware set. Ergonomically designed non-stick pan offers exceptional performance, beauty and durability. Your kitchen is incomplete without this tawa!

  1. Tosaa T2STSR Gas Sandwich Toaster

sandwich toaster

Price: Rs 350

Selling Price: Rs 209

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This non-stick sandwich toaster is ideal for fire pits, fire pits, barbecues and campfires. The product is light and handy. It is built with a user-friendly design that also makes it easy to store and clean. With this toaster, it will only take you 2 minutes to prepare a crispy, hot and ready-to-serve grilled sandwich.

  1. Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Plus Sandwich Maker

toaster grill

Price: Rs 1799

Selling Price: Rs 999

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This sandwich maker makes sandwiches with convenience. Using your own fresh ingredients, you can make everything from basic grilled cheese to a delicious thick sandwich with restaurant-like results. Heat-resistant handles, a smart design, and a sleek look make this a must-have to start your day.

  1. Kent Instant Egg Cooker

egg boiler

Price: Rs 1800

Selling price: Rs 982

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Whip up a healthy breakfast or post-workout meal in minutes with this egg cooker. Just put in the eggs, then the water and thanks to its one-touch operation you can boil soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs – the choice is yours. In addition, you do not need to check frequently if they are finished because the automatic boiler shutdown will turn off the device once the process is complete.

  1. Prestige hand blender

hand blender

Price: 1195

Selling price: Rs 832

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Save time, make every preparation easier and get perfect results every time with this Prestige hand blender. Durable for everyday use, the grinder’s super sharp and crisp stainless steel blades perfectly grind and blend every particle of the ingredient, ensuring amazing results with every use.

So add value to your home and make meal prep faster and easier today with these handy kitchen appliances.

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