Kitchen tools

Are you using kitchen utensils for an entirely different job? You will relate to these interesting stories online

The kitchen is the cornerstone of a home. And, fittingly, it’s a garage of a whole host of foods, ingredients, devices, and tools. Some effervescent foodies find ways to use their cookware for a completely different purpose than originally intended. Are you one of them? A Reddit thread asking the same question saw many users responding with their own stories of using certain kitchen utensils in surprising ways. While most of them are hilarious to read at first, but on second thought, we thought we could take some advice from them.

A u/QuantumHamster user on the Reddit group r/Cooking asked other users if they weren’t using cookware as intended and got some interesting responses. Check them:

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Tea strainer/strainer

In addition to straining tea, these people have made the sieve a unique purpose in their kitchen. From picking herb leaves off their stems to breaking egg yolks for deviled eggs, who knew the sifter could be a versatile tool.


You don’t have to pull out a stool to pick out items from your kitchen shelves or upper cabinets. A pair of pliers can do just fine.

pizza cutter

A cutter is a cutter. Why just cut pizza, when you can cut so many other foods with it: cookies, cakes, sandwiches, waffles and so on.

milk frother

Did you know you can mix anything with a milk frother? The foam on top is just an added bonus. These people make sauces, coffee, scrambled eggs, salad dressing, cocktails and more with the frother.

egg cutter

After reading these comments, we will now be using our egg slicer to slice strawberries, potatoes, beets, and even cheese!

Cake mold

If you bought a cake pan but never used it for baking, here’s everything you can do with it. We know we will.

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The blender is used almost every day for almost every meal. For blending vegetables or grinding spices. But these guys also beat eggs, mash potatoes and shred cooked chicken.

pastry cutter

If you’ve never really cut your pastries with the cutter, you can use it to mash potatoes and chop eggs with it, just like this person does.


A peeler cannot only peel the outer layer of a vegetable. These comments prompted us to use it to cut thin strips of cucumber, cheese, carrots and potatoes as well.

coffee grinder

Do you have a coffee grinder at home? Now add spices or uncooked rice, herbs or whatever you want in powder form.

Rolling pin

While we’ve seen the belan only used to roll rotis, these inventive gourmets also pound meat and beat spices with it.

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We’re sure after reading this, the next time you walk into your kitchen, you’ll see all of your tools differently.