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Benefits of Buying Matching Kitchen Appliances — RISMedia

If you are building a house or already own a house and are planning to renovate the kitchen, you will most likely buy appliances. You might be wondering if you should buy devices that match in color and brand, or if it matters. You don’t have to have matching appliances, but consistency can make your kitchen look harmonious and can even save you money.

Create a consistent design scheme
Mixing and matching devices isn’t always forbidden, but it can be a distraction. Even though the kitchen has other beautiful, stylish features, people’s eyes may be drawn to the mismatched appliances. For a potential buyer, devices in different colors can be a turnoff. If all your appliances are the same color, on the other hand, they will fit together and give the kitchen a cohesive look.

If you decide to match your appliances by color, they don’t have to be from the same manufacturer. White, black, and stainless steel are the most popular colors, and you can buy appliances from different brands that work well together. If the colors differ a little, the cabinets and other elements separating the appliances can make these differences less noticeable.

You can get a discount if you buy multiple devices from the same company
Manufacturers often give discounts to customers who buy two or more devices at the same time. If you’re planning a major renovation project or building a house from scratch, you can save a lot by buying all your appliances at once from one manufacturer. On top of that, you can get devices in the same color and with the same finishes.

Mix and match appliances the right way
Sometimes mixing and matching devices is the way to go. If one device stands out, it can serve as a focal point while the others complement it. Be careful though. In some cases, having an appliance that is different from others can make the kitchen design look incomplete, which can detract from its overall appearance.

Make the decision that’s right for you
Some homeowners and buyers feel that kitchen appliances should match and would not consider living in a home with different colored appliances. Others don’t care that much, and some even consider mismatched devices a positive. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision.

Focus on function and price, as well as style. Think about your family’s needs and how you use your kitchen so you can choose appliances that suit your lifestyle. Carefully consider how the cost of the fixtures will fit into your overall budget for the project and look for the best value available.