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Proclamation Goods Co. Duo

When cooking I usually only use two pans for a given recipe anyway – one pan and one pan when making a pasta dish with sauce or just one pan for rice and one pan for roasting vegetables . As one of the founders, Tony Leo, pointed out to me, your pans don’t pay rent, so why give up so much storage space for such a variety of cookware? I tested the Stainless Steel Proclamation Duo for a month to see if it could really replace all the other pots and pans I usually use for cooking.

The 12-inch stainless steel skillet was easy to maintain and lightweight, yet was wide and deep enough to handle meal prep for the week. As a vegetarian, I can’t tell you how well the pan sears a steak, but it roasted all my vegetables evenly. If you’re used to non-stick Teflon, keep in mind that the Duo isn’t really non-stick. The fried eggs hung a little the first time I used the skillet and I wanted to go back to my cast iron skillet. But cooking in the skillet became less sticky once I got used to cooking on low heat. With non-toxic cookware, patience is a virtue. If you are not concerned about the extra weight or maintenance, you can opt for the carbon steel pan for better non-stick capabilities.