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Which kitchen scales are the best?

A kitchen scale has many uses for chefs of all skill levels. Many recipes, especially when baking, require exact ingredient weights. Kitchen scales are also fantastic for measuring portion sizes for people with dietary needs.

The highly accurate Ozeri Touch with its sleek yet sturdy design and easy-to-use touch controls is simply unbeatable.

Types of kitchen scales

There are two types of kitchen scales: digital and mechanical. They each have their own pros and cons to consider.

Digital kitchen scales

Most kitchen scales manufactured and used today are digital. They have low weight limits, making them best suited for small to medium sized ingredients. Most allow you to switch between measurement types like grams and ounces with the press of a button.

They are battery operated, which means a recurring cost for you and the difficulty of replacing them. It can be hard to tell when a battery replacement is needed if your scale doesn’t have a battery indicator and some digital kitchen scales can eat through batteries very quickly.

Mechanical kitchen scales

Mechanical scales measure weight using a spring that lowers under the weight of the object being measured. The springs can wear out over time, causing a drop in accuracy, but they still outlast the batteries needed for digital scales.

They are better suited to larger weights and struggle with smaller amounts.

They come in both hanging and platform varieties, with mechanical platform scales resting on your kitchen counter. Digital scales are smaller and easier to store.

Features of the kitchen scale

To display

The display of a digital kitchen scale should be large, bright and easy to read. Screen placement is key – make sure it’s accessible even when a large bowl or plate is on the scale.


Choose a sturdy plastic or stainless steel kitchen scale for maximum durability. If your scale is plastic, make sure it’s not cheap plastic that can warp. Some digital scales also use a glass finish as the surface which can crack if dropped.


Smaller scales may consume less counter space, but they are also harder to read and use. Large scales can handle anything you need to weigh and can still be quite compact.


Be sure to choose a scale with a capacity large enough or small enough for the foods you intend to measure. If you plan to weigh only finer ingredients, choose a small, accurate scale.

Tare and conversion buttons

Exclusive to digital scales, tare and conversion buttons give the digital kitchen scale its versatility. Tare will set your weight reading to zero, useful for adding one ingredient at a time or canceling the weight of a bowl or plate. Conversions allow you to switch between weight types, perfect for those who like to cook from American and international recipes.

Ease of cleanliness

Look for flat buttons or touch screens to wipe down your scale as easily as possible. Scales with removable parts also make cleaning easier.

kitchen scale cost

Kitchen scales are quite affordable, ranging from $10 to $35. Pay close attention to the accuracy and quality of the kitchen scale to achieve the best results in the kitchen.

Kitchen Scale FAQ

Can I leave my kitchen scale on my counter?

A. Absoutely! If you want to display it, opt for a mechanical kitchen scale for added aesthetic value.

I need to move my scale between different cuisines, which type should I buy?

A. A small and compact digital scale is fine for you, but be sure to choose one that is very durable.

How do digital and mechanical scales actually measure weight?

A. Mechanical scales are simple, they have an internal spring that compresses with a weight that moves the display needle. Digital scales have an internal strain gauge that deforms under pressure. This deformation is converted into an electrical signal which passes through a digital converter to display the weight in figures on the screen.

Which kitchen scale should I buy?

The best of the best kitchen scales

Ozeri Touch

What do you want to know: It’s everything you expect from a kitchen scale: sleek, sturdy and accurate.

What you will love: The large backlit display is easy to read and the tempered glass makes cleaning easy.

What you should consider: Short battery life and the need for lithium batteries mean that its long-term costs can be higher than other models.

Or buy: Available at Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond

Kitchen scale at the best value for money

Ozeri Pronto

Ozeri Pronto

What do you want to know: This entry-level scale is well-built and user-friendly.

What you will love: Its sleek yet small design looks great and takes up very little space.

What you should consider: Users can only weigh in two-gram increments, which may not be accurate enough for some users.

Or buy: Available at Amazon, Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond

Honorable Mention Kitchen Scale

Nicewell food scale

Nicewell food scale

What do you want to know: This huge 9×6 inch scale has an equally wide range of accurate weight amounts.

What you will love: The waterproof tempered glass surface makes cleaning up spills as easy as wiping it down.

What you should consider: The large size of this digital scale could take up more space than you have in your kitchen.

Or buy: Available on Amazon

Honorable Mention Kitchen Scale

Taylor Precision Stainless Steel Analog Kitchen Scale

Taylor Precision Stainless Steel Analog Kitchen Scale

What do you want to know: The Taylor Precision brand lives up to its name with this very precise scale.

What you will love: The large dial and the weights displayed in grams and ounces make it easy to read the ingredients.

What you should consider: As a mechanical scale, this model takes up more space and requires maintenance.

Or buy: Available on Amazon

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