Brick backsplash: Add that old word charm

If everything retro gives you immense joy, then the brick backsplash for the kitchen is perfect for people like you. If you take pride in your 70’s styled kitchen where every minute detail from the ceiling to the kitchen cabinets exude an old world charm, then this fabulous addition to the kitchen wall will add dollops of character to the overall appeal of the kitchen.

Brick tiles –Unquestionable versatility

Apart from the kitchen backsplash, brick tiles are used to great effect for floorings, walls, steps, fireplaces and patios. The material makes brick extremely suitable for both interior and exterior use. Brick tiles with stunning wall borders can be used as an accent or even for covering the ceiling. But if you’re keen on adding a historic or even a rustic look to the kitchen backsplash, then brick it is. Brick tiles gain their inspiration from the old buildings that once dotted the landscape of colonial America during the early part of this century. Each brick tile is made from distressed or aged surface that is bound to maintain a similar look in the kitchen backsplash too. You have a multitude of designs to choose from like the traditional antique styled tiles, Flemish Bond tiles, or the corner styled tiles. Apart from that, you also have a choice between the look of the fire –scorched bricks, or the reclaimed or clincker bricks in a range of sizes like 2×4, 4×4, 4×8 and 2×8.

Paint your way in to history

The brick backsplash can also be painted in order to match the color of the sink and the other appliances in the kitchen. With the use of a wire brush or even sandpaper, you can create a beautiful distressed look. The use of glaze can be made for a better finish. In case you’ve red cabinets in the kitchen, then keep the color of the brick tiles also a dark shade to have a perfectly color co-coordinated kitchen. But trying to remove the paint is certainly one messy job.

In case you do not want to tile the entire backsplash with bricks, then you can place ancient brick tiles at strategic positions on the backsplash. So whether you draw inspiration from the Celtic civilization or want to add an ancient Greek tone to the kitchen, then bring home these tiles from all over the world. There’s nothing to beat the fine art tiles in terms of the touch of class that they add to any kitchen backsplash. These brick tiles can be stamped with a date, name or even impressions of flowers and animals. How about a motivating word? Can you think of anything else that is as personal as this?

If you’re still not convinced about how a brick backsplash will be able to add warmth and a distinct personality to the décor of your kitchen, then check out the several photos, videos and pictures of the brick backsplash on the Internet.

It is extremely hard to find something in the class of the brick backsplash to add color and oodles of charm to the kitchen. I’m sure you’ll tile the other parts of your home with brick as well.

Apart from the kitchen, bricks can very good as design elements in the rest of your home as well.  There are quite a few very creative designs illustrated in the following video.