Kitchen appliances

Camping-friendly kitchen appliances to effortlessly channel your inner chef on your Glamping trips!

Honestly, I love a good old-fashioned camping trip! Relaxing in the middle of nature, in a soft bubble of my own, far from the hectic life of the city – that seems like paradise to me! However, one thing that always worries me before any camping trip is meals! I’m a food lover through and through, and having hot, freshly prepared (and tasty) meals at all times is a must for me. A good meal isn’t always guaranteed when we get dirty outside, but we can always do our best! Therefore, we have curated a collection of portable and functional kitchen appliances that will help you prepare delicious meals even when you are only surrounded by nature! From a DHL-inspired portable briefcase-sized camping stove to an all-terrain trailer with a pull-out kitchen, we’ve rounded up a whole range of super cool and useful outdoor cooking appliances that will provide you with good food without fail.

Developed in the design language of DHL, PDF Haus aimed to give Shelf a simple box silhouette with a free-wheeling attitude, drawing inspiration from the color palette, materials and finishes often chosen by DHL for their vehicles and brand aesthetics. The grill even comes with DHL decals and labels that can be affixed to the front housing of the metal grill that converts to a table extension. While most gas stoves come with a separate carrying case, Shelf’s entire grill has been transformed into a grill that can be consolidated and taken on the go. Shaped and carried like a slim briefcase, two metal clasps open and slide to reveal the shelf grid and additional table space. Right under the grill, the rack includes two retractable shelves that create more space for anyone cooking to place their spices, utensils, or tools. Blooming from below Shelf like a canopy, shelves and sliding tables almost double Shelf’s total surface area.

This coffee kit has a full range of accessories and looks ready to be dropped into a war zone and I just know it will survive with the Zarges 29L case protecting it. The brewing range comes in a lightweight, sturdy, custom foam-padded German aluminum box that is popular for landing and can be neatly stacked on top of other Zarges boxes of similar size or strapped to the outside of your home. a vehicle if necessary. It’s designed to keep dust and moisture out, and it’s also IGBC certified bear resistant according to Zarges USA – so no aggressive grizzly bears will steal your coffee though before the coffee some of us might be ourselves like angry bears! The kit includes a large 32 oz (946 ml) BruTrek French press with a more group-friendly option with a handle and pour spout.

Pyro Camp Fire is a portable fire pit constructed primarily from American steel. It comes with a grill/plancha extension for enthusiasts who want to create an inviting ambiance by burning wood or charcoal in a safe and clean way. And when the stomach calls, the top extension can be swapped out and you’re ready to cook a meal or reheat the pre-cooked food on you. Designed by a team of camping and overloading enthusiasts themselves, this portable fire pit has a firebox 18 inches long and 14 inches wide, while the contraption measures 9 inches tall. The entire pit weighs only 14.5 pounds, which is fine for any camping trail you head to. The special thing here is its side loading system that allows you to easily add wood without having to remove the spark screen or the top grill.

Anthropologie’s Reusable Travel Cutlery makes it easy to have all your cutlery with you wherever you travel. With a neat interlocking design, the three-piece set becomes a singular set that fits right into your travel bag or backpack, making it easy to carry on that camping trip, or even to work wherever. you can break it during your lunch break. Made from 100% recyclable and durable polyamide thermoplastic made from renewable resources, reusable travel cutlery champions convenience above all else. Their smart design makes them easy to carry as a set, and unlike other travel cutlery, they don’t compromise on shape/size/comfort to be portable.

Lee’s Double Induction Cooker was designed to make those tiring family trips a little more relaxing and easygoing, because that’s what camping is all about if you do it right. Eating is a necessary part of any family trip and cooking for the whole family can sometimes take that golden hour that should be spent by the fire. The dual induction cooker design provides two induction surfaces suitable for different types of cookware and less time spent cooking. Since family was central to this design, Lee incorporated a safety sensor that should alert users to surfaces that might be too hot to touch and an intuitive interface that youngsters can understand as well as adults. For example, a sliding temperature control touch bar allows users to increase or decrease the temperature for either induction surface.



Designed to be the toughest, most accommodating portable grill in the world, the WG Grill doesn’t just fit in the back of your car, it can literally fit in your backpack…and when open, it can sit on any type of fire (with its 3 height settings), while supporting a fair amount of weight, so you can cook anything from steaks to cast iron skillets without breaking a sweat. Made from reinforced stainless steel, the designers behind the grill spent nearly 18 months making the grill as sleek and as tough as it is. The base is a folding frame that can open or close completely, to be held in place by the cooking surface, which has 3 built-in height adjustments. The grill can therefore be used on small and large fires and has a load capacity of up to 16 kg (that’s about 300 hot dogs!)


The Full Windsor Muncher, however, is not a multi-tool. It’s a multi-utensil. Designed for the slightly sophisticated Bear Grylls in you, this little piece of metal fits all the tools you need to survive in the wild. Weighing just 0.7 ounces (20 grams), this bad-boy fits 10 different pieces of camping gear in one slick, pocket-sized mass. The Muncher’s design looks a lot like a spork, but that’s fair from afar. On closer inspection, you’ll see that in addition to being a spoon/fork amalgam, it cuts, peels, slices, opens, ties/unties and even ignites! Yes, the Muncher comes with a pretty handy flint stick that not only lets you light the fire, but even open canned food and eat said food once you’re done cooking.

The Bushcamp Offroad Trailer is a capable motorhome that would allow you to set up camp instantly, prepare a light meal, and sleep in a comfortable, insulated cocoon while you spend valuable time outdoors. Want to whip up a quick but gourmet meal before retiring for the day? Slide out the kitchen to reveal an efficient setup and cook and chill your drinks while you’re at it. It’s a kitchen to go for all your camping adventures!



Cookout rethinks outdoor cooking by taking inspiration from the age-old oil stove. However, it is much easier to use, maintain and transport than traditional kerosene stoves. Streamlined into 5 main components, it can be taken apart and reassembled in seconds for cleaning or packing. Best of all, two interchangeable surfaces make switching between cooking styles a snap. Grill with the ribbed metal surface, then replace it with the pan support to boil water or warm soup and other items!

With GoSun’s portable brewer, you can brew an amazing cup of coffee or tea, start to finish, in an all-in-one cup anywhere, anytime – nothing can stop you! Power comes from a 130W heater and built-in French press that have been fused into a double-insulated cup that will not only brew your drink but keep your drink hot for hours. So if you’re like me and avoid camping because you turn into a bear without your caffeine fix, GoSun has you.