Ceramic tile backsplash: Simple yet exquisite

An immensely artistically inclined friend of mine with a little help from books and websites, managed to create a kitchen that was unique and distinct in every way. What did she do? Well, for all those who scoff at the idea of combining granite countertops and a ceramic tile backsplash, here’s a bit of a revelation. Ceramic tile backsplashes are extremely versatile and can be teamed up with counter tops of any material. With a range of inimitable designs and patterns, a ceramic tile kitchen backsplash is all that is needed to uplift the mood of the kitchen and the entire household. What’s more, they are inexpensive and easy to install too.

Ceramic tile kitchen backsplash: Strikingly different

If normal is definitely boring for you, then make a statement with the ceramic tile kitchen backsplash. It is sure to get you all the accolades. The ceramic tile backsplash comes in a diverse range of designs, both traditional and futuristic. You have hand- painted  ceramic tiles for the backsplash that have decorative art work on them These designs are more of a permanent nature that can withstand the onslaught of heat, water, food and liquid spatters. You can safely install them behind your stove and sink. Pre-fabricated and pre-assembled ceramic tiles can fit any kitchen. They come is several designs like Tuscany, Florence and Cape. Choose the one that goes with the overall décor of the kitchen. These tiles are installed without the use of adhesive or nails. So, you have no fears when it comes to the ceramic tile removal from the kitchen backsplash in case you decide to change the décor of the kitchen. Hand painted ceramic tiles too add a great deal of charm and warmth to the kitchen. Each hand painted tile is combined to form a larger mural design that definitely steals the show. Even old photographs and paintings can be recreated on ceramic tiles and assembled to great effect. Are you an animal or nature lover? Then the hand made ceramic tiles with animal motifs, pictures of nature and wildlife are certain to bring your wild side to the fore. You can opt for the various designs from countries like Turkey, Jerusalem and Greece.

A few tips before the installation

Before undertaking the installation of a ceramic tile backsplash, you must ensure that the wall on which the same has to be installed is sound and strong enough to take the weight of the tiles. You also need to ascertain on how far the tiles should extend. That, in addition to the dimensions of the backsplash area, should give you a fair idea on the number of tiles required to complete the backsplash installation process. In case you decide to do the installation on your own, then make it a point to read the installation tips on the several sites created exclusively for this purpose.

Nothing compares to a ceramic tile backsplash when it comes to adding an artistic touch to a kitchen wall. One thing is sure, that the ceramic tile backsplash will become the centre of attraction in not just the kitchen but also the entire home.