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Cestari Kitchen bundles its best cookware for a St. Patrick’s Day deal

Cestari, makers of the best cookware with a lifetime guarantee, has announced a St. Patrick’s Day set that combines 4 of the most popular and must-have kitchen tools in its range, namely the Pastry Bender, Bench Knife, Easy Pod , and the serrated bread knife in one affordable package.

The company wants its customers to celebrate Irish heritage by using the tools to bake delicious Irish soda bread themselves. The tools provided in the St. Patrick’s Day pack are perfect for baking the perfect version of traditional Irish bread. -quality cookware for best results.

A company spokesperson speaks of its St. Patrick’s Day package saying, “Since our inception, we have always strived to offer our valued customers the best cookware at the most competitive prices. We have passed with flying colors as our products are highly rated on Amazon for their durability, ease of use and the value they offer. We wanted to give back to the community by giving them a reason to try out some of the other tools in our repertoire. Irish Soda Bread is a recipe of cultural significance and there’s no better time than St. Patrick’s Day to try this traditional Irish dish. Visit our Amazon store page today to find our kitchen-tested Irish Soda Bread recipe. The recipe makes effective use of the wonderful products that Cestari Kitchen’s experienced engineers and product specialists have designed with so much love.

The Cestari Professional Pastry Blender Cutter has 1.5mm thick blades to easily cut even cold butter. The gaskets connecting the blades to the body of the pastry cutter are also 1.5mm thick, ensuring that the blades don’t break like the thin blades of a cheaper pastry blender do. The flour cutter’s ergonomic soft-grip handle is comfortable to grip even after prolonged use. The baking tool is made of premium 304 stainless steel for durability and food safety.

The versatile Cestari Easy Pod is used to cook the Soda Bread. This bread dome is made from the highest food grade silicone available, which is safe for families and very easy to maintain. The device can perform multiple functions as it can also be used for other purposes such as a vegetable steamer, omelet maker, fish poacher, oven roaster, etc. It is collapsible and rolls up easily for storage, making the collapsible steamer convenient even for small kitchens.

The Cestari Dough Scraper Bench Knife scrapes pastry and bread dough easily and quickly with its full 6 x 3 inch blade, unlike other scrapers which are only 150mm wide. The pastry scraper features a surgical steel blade and a non-slip, ergonomic and comfortable rubberized handle. The scraper is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The Cestari Advanced Ceramic Revolution Bread Knife features an 8-inch advanced ceramic serrated blade that maintains its exceptionally sharp edge over ten times longer than comparable stainless steel or carbon steel cutlery. Another advantage it offers is that unlike stainless steel blades, ceramic knives do not react with food and never rust. The knife features a perfectly balanced, non-slip and ergonomic handle, a strong contoured handle made from a single piece of satin-finish polypropylene with no seams, eliminating the harboring of germs or bacteria.

Readers who want to browse more of the best cookware money can buy can visit the Cestari Kitchen website or visit the company’s Amazon store page.


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