Kitchen safety

Check out these kitchen safety do’s and don’ts

Recently a young man died when the pressure cooker exploded in the kitchen. This goes to show that the kitchen can be a dangerous area if you get distracted. Care should be taken when handling pressure cookers and sharp objects like knives in the kitchen.

The pressure cooker makes cooking and life easier. That said, if you’re not careful, the same cooker can cause a lot of danger. Here are some tips to keep you safe in the kitchen:

When using a pressure cooker

• Be sure to check your pressure cooker before cooking. Before tightening the lid, make sure the vent tube is clear. Replace the safety valve if defective. It is always prudent to replace your safety valve at regular intervals. Also buy a safety valve from the same company where you bought your cooker.

• It is equally important to note the amount of water and food in the cooker.

• Do not stuff the stove.

• Thoroughly clean the washer and weight after each use.

• Wait for all the pressure to drop before opening the pressure cooker.

• Always buy ISI-certified quality cookers.

Things to note when using gas stoves

Another piece of equipment to handle with care in the kitchen is your cooking cylinder. The first thing you need to do when you get a bottle is to break the seal and make sure there are no leaks.

• Switch off the regulator after cooking.

• Check the expiration date of the bottle tube and replace it at least once a year.

• It is best to keep the stove on top and the cylinder below.

• Before lighting the gas stove, check for leaks. First open the cylinder valve. Use a gas lighter instead of a match.

• If you suspect a gas leak, keep the doors open and wait a while. • Remove matches or any type of explosive nearby.

• Never reach for the switch during a fire. You can control the fire if you throw a damp bag over the cylinder. Inform the fire station immediately.

• When the gas stove is on, never turn on the kitchen fan.

Watch out for dangers in the kitchen

• Be sure to use sharp objects like knives with care

• If you have boiled milk, make sure you are nearby and do not wait for the milk to boil over.

• Do not keep kerosene, rags and firewood near stoves.

• Make sure there are no electrical wires near heating devices.

• Keep the floor dry so as not to slip on the floor and endanger yourself.

• Wear cotton clothes in the kitchen.

• Do not try to hold kadais or hot containers with your saree pleats or dupatta. It can catch fire.