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Chef Morimoto’s favorite kitchen utensils are his Japanese knives

Chef Masaharu Morimoto is known for his work on iron boss and for his incredibly precise knife skills, and despite having 40 years of experience honing his craft, he shared some tips with Delish on how he got his knife skills so sharp. Voluntary pun.

Chef Morimoto is renowned for his work in the culinary industry and is acclaimed for the way he combines traditional Japanese flavors with the typical American palate. He owns 15 restaurants around the world and uses his expert knife skills, especially with Japanese knives, to tactfully slice produce and raw fish in a way that keeps all the flavors and textures intact.

His favorite kitchen utensils are his Japanese knives, which he calls his “weapon for an iron chef”. To keep the knife in top condition, it needs to be sharpened regularly, which he suggests doing eight times on one side before moving to the other side of the blade. Morimoto uses sharpening stones for knives, with the coarser stones needed for duller knives.

The knife blade should be placed at an angle of approximately 45 degrees against the stone for best results. A simple trick to make sure you are using the sharpening block correctly is to use a marker on the blade and if the marker is still there after using the block you have not touched the edge of the blade and need to adjust your angle. .

Morimoto then showed how he uses his Usuba knife to peel vegetables and finely chop them using the Usugiri method. He used the same strategy on a radish, cucumber and carrot before moving on to fish to make sashimi. For fish, Morimoto switched to using a Deba knife which is best for filleting fish properly. Using the entire blade of the Deba knife when cooking rather than using one area of ​​it for a dull chop helps retain all the best flavors of the fish.

The care and precision used in every cut and slice are just a few of the reasons Morimoto has won the Iron Chef title 26 times. It’s never an amateur hour in her kitchen, but learning the exact tactics used for her dishes is impressive and inspiring for even the most inexperienced chef.

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