Kitchen tools

Clever kitchen utensils to the rescue!

There are tons of unique kitchen gadgets out there that will make cooking and storing more enjoyable, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a function. We’ve compiled a list of some of the craziest kitchen tools and gadgets that really come in handy. For almost any kitchen chore, there are smart kitchen gadgets that will definitely help you save time.

Reusable stretch silicone lids

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These look quite fascinating! These are silicone lids that you can drape over fruits, vegetables and leftovers to keep them fresh instead of using plastic wrap. Silicone Stretch Lids are BPA-free silicone food-grade liners that are completely non-toxic. However, as the lid does not have a vent, it is not advisable to use it in a microwave oven. If you want to put it in the microwave, open the lid a little part to make it microwave safe.
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Pull the choppers

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Vegetable choppers resemble food processors in appearance. Vegetables are placed in a basin with blades extending outward from the center. The blades are turned by a manual crank, pushing or pulling a string action until the required consistency is reached. These are gentler on the hands, but cutting food into small pieces is time consuming. Cleaning them also takes more time and effort.

silicone baking mat

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Silicone mats are typically used to separate baking sheets or other cooking surfaces. They can be used to grease a pan or baking sheet instead of butter. When you’re done cooking, the mat helps prevent your hob from getting too sticky, making for much faster and easier cleanup.

vegetable scissors

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This unitasker could be beneficial for cooks who are unsure of their knife skills, so use scissors when you don’t need sliced ​​vegetables of regular shapes and sizes. Working with your hands is just as important as working with scissors. Separate the stems from the leafier tips with your hands before scissoring the stems for leafy vegetables, which have very long stems. If exact uniform dimensions are essential to you, they easily make incredibly fine cuts at perfectly consistent proportions – well, effortlessly if you don’t include the cleanup.

vegetable chopper

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With just one tool, you can slice, dice and grate. Two distinct cutting widths, two shredding sizes and an easy-to-use slicer are all available with the five replaceable blades. You can also say goodbye to dirty prep work forever with a large capacity bowl that fits under each cutting blade. This product is for people who want to spend less time in the kitchen. It can also size cheese and zest citrus fruits in addition to reducing vegetable cutting time. As a result, there will be fewer tools to put away after dinner is over. And since every component of this chopper is dishwasher safe, you’ll save just as much time at the end of dinner as you did at the beginning.


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A kitchen tool for extracting juice from the flesh of citrus fruits and vegetables. For this reason, a variety of equipment is available, ranging from simple hand tools to automated and power tools that can squeeze a larger amount of fruits and vegetables. The most basic juice extractors are Juicer Reamers, which are cone-shaped heads with gear-like protrusions that are pressed against the flesh of a fruit half to extract juice; light pressure on the fruit is necessary to release the juice.