Concrete backsplash: Cemented in creativity

With the prices of natural stone products for the kitchen backsplash increasing everyday, what choice do home owners have? The next best option is most certainly concrete. Although concrete has been in vogue for almost two decades, it has been steadily growing in popularity in the past few years. The concrete backsplash offers something that is beyond the ordinary. Versatile, practical yet refreshingly different, the concrete backsplash will make all your friends very envious.

The brilliance of concrete

So, what makes the concrete backsplash tick? Its light in weight, delivers high performance and is very eco-friendly. It is resistant to staining, chipping and cracking-perfect if you’ve got boisterous kids at home. Water resistant concrete is the ideal material for bathrooms and the kitchen backsplash. With an endless range of integrated colors and textures, you can rest assured that no two concrete backsplashes will look the same.

Concrete backsplash tiles effortlessly combine natural beauty with creative designs. Not just the acidic stained tiles but also the lace embossed concrete tiles are hugely popular. You can’t help but simply admire the smooth flow of colors. You can also find several shades of the same color. That means you have several hues to choose from in order to match the decor of the kitchen. The concrete backsplash tiles blend smoothly in to any style of kitchen. From the rustic Tuscan styled kitchen to the classy, chic and urban kitchen design, a concrete backsplash will be at home always. The fact that they are easy to maintain makes then even more popular.

Installing a concrete backsplash

Once the process of ascertaining the area of the backsplash to be covered is established, you need to get the required number of concrete tiles to cover the complete backsplash area. The next few steps are fairly easy:

* Apply 100% silicone in the centre of the concrete tile. Apply blobs of the same and avoid the sides so that the silicone does not spill out on the backsplash wall.
* Press the tiles in to the desired position.

What you now have is an aesthetic and contemporary backsplash that exudes warmth and elegance and is certainly out of the ordinary.

The concrete backsplash is an emerging new trend that is here to stay. It is hard to find such a rare combination of function and form at such jaw-dropping prices.

And it isn’t just backsplashes and kitchen countertops that you can create with concrete. You could use it just about anywhere in your home. It’s now emerging as a versatile design element. The kind of designs you can create with concrete is limited only by your own imagination. There are some folks who aren’t aware of what the professional designers are accomplishing with concrete. If you are one such person, you most certainly would want to watch this video.