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Cookware and kitchen appliance brand, Wonderchef stirs the pot of growth and expansion

Founded in 2009 by Sanjeev Kapoor and Ravi Saxena, Inasmuch aswonderchefInasmuch as is a popular cookware, kitchen appliance and bakeware brand that offers more than 600 products in its portfolio and serves a wide customer base.

Ravi Saxena, MD and Co-Founder, Wonderchef recount Your story that while the pandemic and containment have been disastrous for several industries, Wonderchef has taken advantage of it. Their target market is high end as they make premium products, so during the lockdown many of their customers entered the kitchen for the first time with a desire to upgrade their entire kitchen.

He adds that the kitchen utensils and prep tools categories have been given pride of place. Apart from this, a lot of people, especially millennials, have started getting interested in baking, which has given impetus to the bakeware category.

“In many ways, the pandemic hasn’t turned out to be a big challenge for us, luckily, and we’ve actually grown,” says Ravi.

The kitchenware brand recently raised Rs 150 crore from Sixth Sense Ventures. The funds would be used by the brand to take it to the next level in terms of D2C travel, he shares. Wonderchef as a brand is very young compared to other market players – which is a challenge as well as an opportunity as they can work quickly and are more flexible.

The brand has also started its journey into the digital realm, and around 45% of its sales today come from the digital medium.

“Digital travel allows us to reach nooks and crannies of India. Today, we distribute our products to 25,000 PINs in India, reaching thousands of cities and towns,” says Ravi.

The brand also plans to leverage its credibility and move out of the kitchen and expand into new categories and products.

He shares that this year the festive season was pretty good for the brand, but last year was better due to pent-up demand after the lockdown. “The challenge now is to maintain that momentum for the rest of the exercise,” says Ravi.

Wonderchef is now launching new categories to generate more traction. Moreover, the brand is also expanding on its offline distribution front. Other than that, modern commerce is coming back quite strong and Wonderchef wants to be on top for the revival.

“Currently we are operating from 10,000 retail outlets and we want to increase that number to 20,000 outlets over the next year,” says Ravi.

Finally, Ravi concludes by saying that the brand expects a 50% increase in revenue this year and hopes to hit Rs 425 crore in revenue. Going forward, the brand’s dream is to become a thousand crore business within the next four years.