Copper backsplash: Let your kitchen shimmer

Copper is one material that has withstood the test of time. It has been in vogue for generations and is arguably one of the most practical work surfaces around. Little wonder then, that the copper backsplash is making its mark in several kitchens. It’s not the kitchen, but also the people owning these kitchens with that are shimmering all the time.

Lends class to all styles

The copper backsplash adds tremendous aura to a country styled kitchen. But its magic extends beyond the confines of the rustic looking kitchen. The backsplash is equally at home in modern, contemporary and traditional kitchens. Such is the versatility of this classic metal. Over a period of time, the backsplash gains a distressed look that looks truly breathtaking. One look at the copper backsplash and you’re bound to agree that all that glitters is certainly not gold!


Installing is just as easy as installing a backsplash made of any other material. But there are a few points that need to be borne in mind while installing one. Like the fact that copper does not require the use of nails or screws but only adhesive caulk. A few coats of lacquer are all that is needed to maintain that shiny exterior and protect the backsplash from those ugly fingerprints and change in color. Copper is a rather brittle metal so you must take care against scratching and denting. It’s easy to install, something that you can do on your own. After all, there are no cracks and leaks that you need to worry about. But be very sure to wear safety gloves while cutting the copper pieces.

Designs galore

If you have decided to add that copper charm to the country tone of your kitchen space, then you have plenty of choices. You can either go in for the copper tile backsplash or copper slate backsplash, or even the rather enigmatic looking copper or brass look backsplash. In case you do install the counter sheet backsplash make sure you afford it adequate protection from turning green. Even the copper panel is quite a rage. Both sealed and unsealed backsplashes can create a unique effect. Whatever the finish or design that you choose, you be rest assured of one thing that copper is definitely more effective than stainless steel as it is a highly anti- microbial surface. But what about the price? You’ll find something that fits most budgets.

This backsplash exudes charm like no other metal. For the compete effect, go in for a copper sink with copper faucets and watch your family gleam with joy.