Cork backsplash: Combines texture and function

There are many amongst us who believe that kitchen backsplashes are all about function and little aesthetic value. Thankfully, such kinds of people are in a minority. Today, most home owners have understood the immense value of the kitchen backsplash. No longer is the most abused area in the kitchen given step-motherly treatment. In fact, more and more people are exploring ways to make this area extremely interesting.After all, it is the kitchen backsplash that sets the tone for the décor in the kitchen.

Don’t be the least bit afraid to experiment; people are also opting for lesser known backsplashes like the cork backsplash. Surprised? Well, this is truly an excellent mix of form and function. It is a wonderful way to add an unusual but very eye-catching focal point to the kitchen décor.

This will get everyone talking

A cork backsplash looks similar to a blackboard kitchen backsplash design. It is extremely practical and gives a very neat and clean appearance. But the biggest advantage is that it can be used to post all memos, coupons, recipes, photos and notes. So that does away with the need for a separate post-it board. The cork tiles look cool and with their natural texture lend tremendous elegance to the kitchen.


Installation  is relatively easy provided you make sure that you seal the tiles properly beforehand, as cork is washable.  Take a look at the procedure for the installation:

* Firstly, determine the area that needs to be covered and buy the required number of cork tiles to cover the area completely.
* Cut the tiles in to the desired size with the help of a utility knife.
* Coat both sides of each tile with polyurethane and let the tiles dry completely. This will ensure that the tiles are sealed fully.
* With the help of water-based cement on the backsplash wall and on the back of the tile, place the tiles on the desired position.
* The tiles must be placed one at a time. Complete the tiling without leaving any gaps.
* Once complete, wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

After all that hard work, it is now time to get used to the admiring glances. Cork tiles can be combined superbly with granite countertops and beadboard cabinets. Even a varnished cork backsplash looks refreshingly different.

If you’re looking for something that is practical and yet has a unique charm, then this is ideal for you. It is one experiment that will never fail you.

If you still find it hard to believe that cork can make your kitchen and home look really good, then here is one video you might want to watch. Note just how easy these tiles are to install, and how fabulous they look.

If you are looking for something less expensive than cork tiles, maybe this video will get your creative juices flowing 🙂