Do-it-yourself backsplash: Add Wow to your kitchen

A kitchen backsplash is more of creativity than function. No doubt, it has a singularly important function of protecting the kitchen wall from spills and splashes, but it also offers the home owners the perfect opportunity to let their imagination run wild. Here lies an enviable opportunity to add creative zest and spunk to your kitchen. Since there’s nothing sacrosanct governing the kitchen backsplash design, the diy kitchen backsplash offers the ideal weekend home project.

What are your options?

The easiest diy option is either painting or wall papering. But even though the installation process is a breeze, the after effects may turn out to be rather messy. These may be prone to staining, pealing and untimely wear and tear. So, you would be better off with the range of pre-fabricated materials like tile, rock, brick etc that are flooding the home market. But before you get the material, you need to the look that you really want. The material must coincide with the look and style of the kitchen. Like a tile backsplash will blend perfectly with a country-styled kitchen. Similarly, in case your ultra-modern kitchen is the pride of the entire family, then the stainless steel backsplash will only add to that pride. The color and finish of the permanent fixtures is another important consideration. Make sure the colors in the backsplash match the tones in the kitchen cabinets, walls and the countertops. Don’t forget to also bear in mind the color palette in the adjoining rooms as well.

Endless possibilities

There are several options when it comes to creating your own backsplash in the kitchen. Stainless steel, a very popular material in restaurant kitchens has made forays in to the home market in a big way. But make sure it fits in to the theme of your kitchen. Granite is yet another beautiful and elegant option, but the steep price and the cutting involved may keep several home owners away. But tiles both glass and glazed, offer the best alternative. Affordable and easy to install, you can choose from diverse colors and sizes. Install these tiles on the first day and grout them on the second and enjoy their visual appeal for many years to come. Panels that use adhesive or adhesive tape are also equally popular. If you need some assistance, there are loads of diy guides on the Internet.

A do-it-yourself backsplash is the perfect way to add that wow factor to the kitchen space. Trust me; you’ll have something that’ll definitely make your neighbors envious. In any case if you find installation hard, you can always fall back up on a pro.

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