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Eight must-have kitchen appliances in India

If you love to cook and be applauded for your kitchen, not to say that you appreciate the work of your hand at the table, you need kitchen appliances that you can’t live without. Without them, your kitchen would look like a niche without a statue.

These devices are …

Mixer grinder
Gas or induction hob
Pressure cooker
Toaster and sandwich maker
Hand blender
Kitchen hood &

There are reasons why they are so important. Here…

Mixer Grinder

You can’t imagine a kitchen in India without a blender-grinder… Because there is hardly any recipe that doesn’t involve a cooking process that requires it. It is designed as a versatile device capable of both dry and wet grinding, blending, mashing, juicing, etc. What makes it suitable for all these tasks are its differently designed bowls and blades.

This device can have different configurations and shapes. If you need to save counter space, the Tower Mixer Grinder is for you. These configurations have implications for its efficiency, safety and durability.

Gas and induction stoves

Gas and induction cookers are in their place. But the choice between the two is up to the people who have to use them. Some people prefer gas stoves while some induction stoves. The choice may depend on the personal situation.

For example, if you are a single professional and can move to different parts of the country for professional reasons, the induction cooker is the best choice for you because of its portability. Besides portability, what makes it extremely convenient is the number of presets offered for different dishes and the customizable temperature settings. No less important is the timer function which turns it off when the set time is reached. And even if you turn it on, it won’t until you put a pot on it. The downside of induction cookers is that you need to have cookware suitable for induction.

State-of-the-art gas hobs in these categories are extremely attractive, as they have internet connectivity to tap into inexhaustible online resources.

All of these features you don’t get in a regular gas stove. It not only looks great with the accompanying glass top, but it also has a number of gas burners, allowing you to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. If you don’t want to bother with lighters and matches, there’s electric ignition for you.

Pressure cooker

It shows an impressive range of designs and capabilities. It can be an electric or induction or gas pressure cooker, with an interior or exterior cover, in steel or in anodized or non-stick aluminum, traditional or smart, for an individual or a large family.

Of all the types, the best pressure cooker is truly unique in so many ways. This is because it comes with a number of preset functions and programs for specific recipes. You have to cook on a whole new level.


It is the most energy efficient way to cook and reheat food, using electromagnetic waves for this purpose. Lavanay, an author with a background that ties it closely with cooking and the multiple processes that go into it, points out the benefits of this particular appliance in the following terms:

“… they allow you to prepare food faster than when using other cooking appliances such as a gas stove and a saucepan.” They are also equipped with amazing features like user-friendly controls, automatic cooking menu, LCD display and timer, among others. These characteristics allow them to deliver evenly cooked food within minutes.

The downside is that it cannot cook food as well as OTGs.

Toaster and Sandwich Maker

These are for people who never like to have tea or coffee without a light breakfast, especially toast and buttered sandwiches. All they need to do is keep their requirements in mind… how many toast / sandwiches they want at one time.

Hand blender

It would be a mistake to think that if you have a blender grinder you can do without a hand blender. On the contrary, there are hand mixers that have all the features of the grinder-mixers, and they should be preferred over the latter because of their extreme portability. The hand blender requires no counter space. This is the main point to remember from his concept.

Kitchen hood

In the Indian situation, the hot oily fumes, tiny particles of oil, and smoke generated from cooking make the kitchen the most ugly part of the house. The kitchen hood offers the best solution to keep it well ventilated.

There are two types of range hood available on the market: ducted and ductless. And how effective are they? Well, you get a glimpse of their effectiveness from the information we gathered on the EDC website:

“… a ductless chimney performs the functions of 8 exhaust fans, while a ducted chimney is equivalent to 15 exhaust fans. “

It’s something, isn’t it?


It’s for people who hate the task of cleaning utensils. Most of the time it looks like a washing machine and works the same. The two devices are also the same when it comes to the end result you get from them. The only difference between the two is that utensils aren’t put in the dishwasher the same way rags are in a washing machine. Instead, it uses heated steam for cleaning. Since it works at a very high temperature indoors, you cannot clean utensils made of materials like plastic.

Finally, there are many different types that need to be installed in different ways depending on your kitchen requirements.

If your kitchen doesn’t lack any of these, it would literally be worth it to take a tour of your kitchen several times a day.

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Last updated Aug 28, 2021, 6:24 PM IST