What You Should Know About Embossed Tin Ceiling Tiles

Special moments call for an indulgence of sorts. So when a bunch of college friends got together, we decided to savor the exquisite offerings at a celebrated Italian restaurant. But throughout the fabulous evening, I was completely transfixed. And let me set the record straight; the incredulously high prices for the food and wine were certainly not to blame.

I was, and still am, completely in thrall to the sheer magnificence and beauty of the embossed tin ceiling tiles in that eatery. Here’s a contender for the top slot in the high-octane list of ‘weapons of mass distraction’.

Here’s everlasting beauty with roots that can be traced to the 19th century. Antique? Of course, but with a very classy and contemporary tone and tenor. They may seem too generic have any significant impact, but offices, nightclubs and a host of commercial establishments have successfully managed to transform their interiors with the addition of these astounding metallic works of art.

If you’re the kind that doesn’t question staid conventional wisdom, then chances are that you would consider installing decorative Styrofoam PVC ceiling tiles with very detailed designs or discounted vinyl or wood tiles. Suppliers of cheap polystyrene and USG ceiling tiles don’t really disappear off your radar that quickly. Why, even your basement tiles are sure to have trace of invidious asbestos.

But homeowners looking for more bangs for their buck trust nothing but pressed tin ceiling panels and tiles. These true connoisseurs of style and sophistication believe the ceiling is an eternal canvas that transgresses barriers of time and space. Whether the hallway, dining room, bathroom or kitchen ceiling, tin can light up the place with tremendous aura. Painting them creates a one-of-a-kind ambiance that’s hard to dismiss.

But it’s more than just a pretty face. Apart from the fact that it compliments your aesthetic sensibilities, it’s also remarkably lightweight and easy to install.  Functional drywall and masonry screws and adhesive make quick work of your DIY project. More brownie points for the fact that it lasts longer than plaster. Incredible acoustic properties give fillip to your booming speakers and Celotex ceiling panels a run for their money.

The staggering advances in the field of technology have ensured that this top-notch product is created with different metals like copper, steel, brass and aluminum and cast in several materials including fiberglass. You’re never hamstrung for lack of choices in terms of designs, finishes, patterns and sizes.

With tin tiles, creating a stunning masterpiece of a ceiling is not that preposterous a proposal.

Trace Its Meteoric Rise

The practice of using this remarkable metal to embellish the interiors of homes dates back to the early 1900’s. An era where time chugged along at a leisurely pace, and style and elegance reigned supreme in all homes.

It was around this time that tin tiles made stealthy inroads into Victorian homes that so far made a song and dance about plaster ceilings and ornate stucco. This metal packed in quite a wallop, without an astronomical price tag. Large sheets were manufactured and shipped across the country. These sheets were then laid out and a plethora of designs were imprinted on them. They would then be cut into an array of sizes and used to create magical interiors in residential and commercial buildings.

Back With A Bang

Tin ceilings are back, and how? Unlike other relics of the past, they have displayed an amazing alacrity to reinvent themselves, completely in sync with the times. Panels, cornices, moldings and lay in ceiling tiles- this monarch among metals has certainly taken the interior design world by storm with its superior quality, impeccable definition and flawless craftsmanship.

But this is just one side of the story. Don’t be aghast; but most manufacturers create tin tiles from pressed aluminum! So the advantages of light weight and resistance to corrosion get added to their striking good looks. Indeed, it is aluminum that has put the tin tile industry back in the saddle, rather firmly.

More Reasons To Cheer

The uninhibited frenzy continues unabated. Another reason for their resounding popularity is the venerable manner in which unique panels and tiles have managed to churn out different designs, patterns and finishes.

The scintillating array of designs like moldings, fillers, noseings, friezes and cornices may differ in terms of their bewitching appearance, but are all linked by  advantages like ease of installation, low maintenance costs and a majestic disdain.

Is style your mantra? Watch out, for tin tiles and panels can up the glam quotient with their iconic essence. Classic, custom or contemporary- eye candy addicts have their task cut out.

There are some delightful finishes as well. You can alter the mood of the place with bright tin, copper and chrome finishes. You’ll find it hard to resist the sublime quality of antique brass or gold. The animated chatter that copper and pewter can create is legendary.

Your inscrutable affinity gets a wee bit stronger once you feast your eyes on the ethereal beauty and mystique of the multitude of stamped patterns. Traditional, modern, ornate and simple, you’re sure to find something that can burnish the aura of not just your home, but also your magnetic persona.

No Fuss Installation

Now that’s another feather in its cap. You could use the nail in or screw in method of installation, even though the drop in ceiling method has many takers. The panels are available in two sizes, 2’x2’ and 2’x4’, the larger one becoming an intrinsic part of the decor of most offices.

For this supernova, even the sky is not the limit. The manner in which these tiles have conquered kitchen islands, walls and counter tops, in addition to the ceiling grid, is a telling tribute to their hypnotic nature.

Unbridled Use Of Color

The vivid, bold use of solid colors enables tin to come into its element. Even though you may apply different hues to different aspects of the pattern on the tiles, your guests will see only green- the color of envy and grudging appreciation.

Don’t Let The Costs Dampen Your Spirits

Despite your undisputed fondness for tin tiles, the steep prices at stores may leave you pretty high and dry. Budget-savvy homeowners can rejoice, thanks to the presence of reasonable faux tin tiles. Available in several finishes like matte, gloss and painted, these tiles set the place ablaze with their fiery looks.

Reproductions of authentic antique tin tiles are also available for a pittance in many finishes like copper, silver and gold. They’re your best bet when you’re trying rather earnestly to create that magic without staggering under the burden of horrendous costs.

Tiling walls, remodeling the kitchen or doing up your dull and dreary ceiling- tin tiles raise the bar and become your knight in shining armor.  Ahead of their time, they help you connect with the past without losing touch with the future.

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