Kitchen appliances

‘Everything collapses’: Rathdrum community center needs kitchen appliances and repairs as community needs increase | Help me Hayley

RATHDRUM, Idaho – A local nonprofit that works to feed up to 300 people a week now needs help. Staff and volunteers say the kitchen appliances they depend on are in desperate need of repair or replacement.

“In one week, we lost almost all the refrigerators or freezers we had,” said cook Wanda Lyon. “We had a small one to hold everything we did (while waiting for repairs.)”

Wanda says they were able to get some of them back up and running, but were told another outage could occur at any time.

Wanda has worked with the Rathdrum Community Center to prepare meals for those in need for eight years. She says she is worried. She knows how many count on the good work and the good deeds that come out of the center.

“I pray about this every day that we have something to do,” she said.

Wanda showed KHQ a refrigerator which is completely dead and also the others who she believes could at any time.

“It’s just the wear and tear over the years, everything starts to fall apart,” she said. “The cost to fix them is incredible for us. “

The nonprofit has needed a significant increase during the pandemic. They serve people internally, but also do food deliveries. Wanda says they’re just trying to be a resource people can count on during tough times.

“I love our small town,” she said. “But he’s growing fast. The need (has increased.) We get meals from people who have no other way to get them. Its very important.”

Wanda says they still need food donations.

“Fresh fruit, vegetables, canned goods,” she says.

If you are able to donate a working refrigerator or freezer, you can connect with the association at 208.687.2028. You can also send financial donations to PO Box 508 Rathdrum, ID 83858.