Help! I Have To Fix A Leaky Faucet

“Help!” “I have to fix a leaky faucet”. Sounds eerily familiar, right? It’s hard to find anything that manages to resurrect itself in such mammoth dimensions in the public consciousness, and that too with such amazing alacrity. Leaking faucets, invariably at the most unearthly of times, do have the immense potential of stretching one’s patience to snapping point. At the end of this nightmarish experience, the harried, helpless homeowner is left considerably shaken and stirred, a far cry from the way James Bond prefers his beverages!

But since this knotty issue is definitely not an extension of idle banter, even treating it with an air of nonchalance sounds like a Victorian idea. But contrary to popular perception, repairing a leaky faucet does not always require you to have a Wiki-pedia like appreciation of this generic part or its complicated structure.

Of course, it doesn’t. That’s the reason impeccably trained plumbers deserve the loudest applause, right? While overseeing their work with wonder mixed with a palpable sense of relief, we very conveniently forget that all their visits are imbued with a singular purpose – that of providing you with an astronomical bill without the slightest hesitation, and with a great deal of calculation.

The Boiler Plate Rules Of Success    

If you are keen that neither hide nor hair of a plumber makes its way into your bathroom or kitchen, then here are some tips that will ensure the blueprint for success:

  • Start the repair process by turning off the water supply to the leaking faucet.
  • Cover the drain with a piece of cloth in order to prevent small parts like screws and washers from being washed down the drain, quite literally.
  • It’s just not your household tools like screwdrivers and wrenches that need to be in perfect shape. Make sure the new part – O ring or washer – is also a perfect fit.
  • Once the replacement process comes to a close, assemble the faucet in exactly the same order.

Your grand moment of triumph is here. At last!