A Floral Mosaic Backsplash Certainly Adds A Great Deal Of Color And Charisma To The Kitchen Decor

Regardless of your creative instincts, it’s always that much harder to describe something of unparalleled beauty. Like this condo I saw on the Internet a few days ago. It was just not another emblem of luxury and affluence. Its sheer magnificence celebrated external beauty and charm like never before.

Wouldn’t you love to know what this ultra-urban condo encompassed? For starters, the stately hardwood flooring coupled with the simply exquisite European furniture etched fabulous patterns in my mind.  The layout of the spacious master bedroom in exotic colors suffused my face with a warm glow.

Everything in the fabulous bathroom, from the impeccable tiling designs on the wall to the humongous glass sink, was like an artistic masterpiece. If you think my attempt to air-brush reality is getting a wee bit too synthetic, wait till you read my animated description of the incredibly stylish kitchen.

The majestic wood cabinetry, super-sleek stainless steel appliances, elegant travertine counter tops and loads of unique decorative ideas made it amply clear that this space refused to be shackled by any barriers.

But somewhere in this masterpiece of a condo, there was a small gem of a space that made me sit up and take notice. It was a rather miniscule area that one would relegate to the background, leave alone appreciate and moon over. No fancy white marble, custom-designed hand-painted ceramic murals, shimmering metal accents or eye-catching terracotta or porcelain artifacts here. It was just the banal kitchen wall accented by an antique floral mosaic backsplash.

I know I’ve taken you completely by surprise, but that’s exactly the raison d’etre of a floral mosaic backsplash. There are many more mosaic tile backsplashes that follow in the footsteps of their floral counterparts. Not just homeowners, these tiles are every professional remodeler’s delight too.

No fuss kitchen remodeling

A kitchen remodeling project on the anvil? Well, better steel yourself to spend a great deal of time and money. And you certainly cannot discount the fact that this ambitious venture will be an uphill climb right from the word go. Really?

Why is kitchen remodeling invariably associated with the installation of expensive natural stone floors or countertops, like granite or slate? Do the dozens of hand painted Mexican tiles really have to form part of your scheme of things? Your obsession with gorgeous Italian creations (Carla Bruni included!), need not make a special appearance to enliven your kitchen space.

With basic stuff like grout and adhesive and some beautiful decorative tiles, you can alter the mood and ambience in your kitchen dramatically. Welcome to the refreshing world of floral mosaic backsplash.

A garden full of fresh flowers

Considering the hopeless romantic that I am, it’s no surprise that my world is inundated with blithe images of flowers, breathtaking landscapes and eclectic colors. If you belong to this bandwidth, why not flood your real world with generous doses of your vivid imagination. The easiest way around this seemingly impractical task would be to bring in a unique design tile on the kitchen backsplash. How about a floral mosaic backsplash to bring in the freshness of flowers into your vapid kitchen?

But it’s not only a floral mosaic backsplash that can be instrumental in creating diametrically different kitchens. The three-dimensional, multi-colored splendor of a Venetian glass waterfall mosaic backsplash, with a couple of glazed ceramic tiles thrown in for good measure, is sure to be a feast for sore eyes.

A design for every kitchen

If yours is a glorious kitchen with fabulous stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, elegant faucets and striking feature wall treatments, then a metallic mosaic tile backsplash will only make this personal space even more sensational.

But if you’re the kind that likes no frills attached to your relationships and spaces, then your kitchen is almost certain to bear clean uncomplicated lines. You’re sure to greet a stainless steel mosaic base with unconstrained glee.

For first timers that are sticklers for rules, a ceramic tile cooktop backsplash design is the perfect confluence of form and function. An art-savvy person however, can create magic with some rare yet distinct designs. Let your creativity rein supreme with an Armenian floral design tile or a backsplash Herringbone design tile.

The specific beauty needs of your kitchen backsplash are addressed with gusto with custom-designed glass mosaic tiles in incredible patterns and colors. The enchanting designs of transparent glass mosaic, marbleized and iridescent glass mosaic tiles can help you display your creative zest, a la Armani or Versace.

Make a choice in right earnest    

The immense popularity of a mosaic kitchen backsplash is buttressed by the fact that it is easiest way to bring together style and substance on one plane. But how do you make a choice when you have so much on offer? There’s the staid conventionality of ceramic tiles, ultra-glam glass mosaic tiles, functional stainless steel mosaics and soulful marble mosaic tiles. To add to your consternation, there’s an infinite array of colors and patterns to choose from.

Here are a few tips that would help you overcome this unenviable task:

  • Complete or partial renovation: Is it just the backsplash that is getting a facelift or are the cabinets, countertops, walls and flooring also being salvaged? Any future plans of a change in the flooring or painting will also influence the backsplash design.
  • Themes that inspire: If your remodel project is inspired by a 1950’s retro style, then an old world cooktop backsplash design would be perfectly in order.
  • A color for a thousand words: The importance of color selection cannot be undermined, especially in kitchen backsplash design. The colors in your much-feted floral mosaic backsplash must compliment the other hues in the kitchen décor. So if the kitchen cabinets and countertops make a potent statement in dark shades, a backsplash design in muted tones will certainly not be a spoilsport. Cabinets and countertops in light, breezy colors are sure to come alive with adequate support from bright vibrant backsplash designs. The easiest way to hide flaws in the kitchen flooring or permanent fixtures is by the uninhibited use of bold vivacious colors in the mosaic backsplash.
  • Joints and cuts: By cutting tiles in to different sizes you can create interesting borders. Laying tiles with straight or brick joints creates a tremendous focal point.
  • Patterns unlimited: A basket weave mosaic pattern on the backsplash is just one of the unlimited ways to spice up things in the kitchen. Combine it with mixed metals and black accents, and the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ will continue unabated. Different sized tiles can be used to demarcate different areas and create eye catching patterns with the same design.
  • Textured to perfection: A unique, hard-to-believe appeal can be created with the use of assorted textures. Inserting a medallion or stone is another prize-winning way to construct a focal point.  

A floral mosaic backsplash is the best bet when you want to create a look-at-me-now work of art. Rest assured, your guests will find it hard to take their eyes off the backsplash. Above all, its flowery appeal will add a great deal of extravagance to your kitchen and your life.