Kitchen tools

Food processor and other useful kitchen utensils you never needed

Many people rely on their food processors and stand mixers to create delicious everyday meals. After all, it would take a long time without it innovative way of cutting food and mix the ingredients. In addition to those major kitchen appliances, here are some tools you didn’t know you needed:

  • Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner – Stop sweating while cleaning the inside of your microwave. Simply fill this mummy with white vinegar and water, pop it in the microwave, run it for 5-7 minutes, and enjoy the microwave cool right after.
  • burger press – If you love homemade burgers, be sure to invest in a cool burger press. Even Cuisinart’s branded ones are inexpensive and can give you many variations of burger patties, from perfectly rounded patties to stuffed burger patties using your choice of filling.
  • Herb shears – You don’t necessarily need to have your own herb garden to buy it. If you like to garnish your meals with fresh herbs or eat salads regularly, this pair of herb shears will really change the way you prepare your food. It can mince, slice, dice, chop or cut any herb without any effort.
  • meat tenderizer tool – If you’re like me and just use a regular knife or other DIY tool to tenderize your meats, it’s probably time to invest in a real tenderizer. Many tenderizing tools are very inexpensive, so buy one and your steak will still be cooked like a pro.
  • meat claw grinder – Here’s another one for meat lovers and Wolverine lovers! This tool allows you to shred meat for your sandwiches, pita dishes, tacos and similar dishes by literally “scratching” the cooked meat. It is a perfect tool to gift to your friends or family who always invite you to their barbecues.
  • Butter Cutter – Anyone who likes butter usually doesn’t like the process of cutting hard, cold butter because it can get messy. The cool thing about the butter cutter is that the stick of butter will be locked inside, so your fingers will be free of dripping butter every time. Simply load the slicer with a stick of butter, place the tool on your bread (or pan), then squeeze the tool to cut a perfectly sliced ​​dollop.
  • tortilla press – A tortilla press will definitely take your homemade tacos and tortilla dishes to the next level. This stylish kitchen tool is easy to clean, store and use.
  • Whip cleaner – Bakers know how annoying it is to clean a whisk. Whisk cleaner manufacturers share this dilemma and have designed the tool to catch the drips and then swipe all of the frosting or other ingredients out of the entire whisk. It’s quite impressive!
  • Baker’s dusting rod – Here is another kitchen tool for the baker. Get whimsical with this fun kitchen tool. You can sprinkle and sprinkle sweets, cocoa, coffee and other powdered sweets on baked goods or beverages.
  • Heated knife – Need butter now and don’t have time to wait for it to melt? A heated knife allows you to slice through your butter in just one minute. It also works with chocolate, cheese, and other similar ingredients.
  • Sushi Bazooka – Sushi lovers should definitely invest in a Bazooka (or any other sushi kit maker). Not only will this make your sushi night super authentic, but it will also make your dinner party memorable enough for kids and adults alike.
  • breakfast sandwich maker – If you like to make breakfast sandwiches, you need to get a breakfast sandwich maker. Imagine not encountering salami or ham again. No more multiple pans when cooking bacon, eggs and your other breakfast dishes.

With a breakfast sandwich maker, you can cook eggs, bacon, ham, and other ingredients right in the sandwich maker and reheat the bread of your choice. Even children can use it to prepare their own breakfasts.

  • Hypercooler – I just got out of the summer heat and you want a slushie now? The HyperChiller is a super cool kitchen tool (literally) that allows you to freeze all those frozen drinks in the freezer really quickly.
  • Soft touch can opener – You don’t need to be sure Oldschool can openers require all your strength just to open a can of tomatoes. Upgrade to a soft-open box (there’s a handheld version and a stand-on version) so you simply slide out the box and let the tool do its magic. You can even open a box with one hand! How cool is that?
  • food cycle – If you dip your toes into composting, you need to save some cash for the FoodCycler – a digital tool that chops and dehydrates leftovers so you can simply use processed ingredients as fertilizer automatically. Sure, there are manual composting kits that are much cheaper, but FoodCylcer is worth every penny.

Have you been able to choose a handful to invest in this year? Many of these kitchen utensils are affordable and easy to store, so have fun collecting them all.