Glass tile kitchen backsplash: Revitalize your kitchen space

You cannot find a better material than glass to revamp the interior of your kitchen, the backsplash in particular. With geometric, colorful and unique designs that combine both contemporary and rustic elements, the glass tile kitchen backsplash is the best alternative to modernize every kitchen. Glass tiles and backsplash offer a powerful combination that is definitely too hot to handle.

Glass tiles- Really come a long way

Glass tiles have always been in vogue since time immemorial. They are used for bathroom floors, vanity tops, shower walls and even the tub surround. Even the floor of the spa or the walls of the living room and lobby can come alive with the effective use of glass tiles. With several textures and a range of color palettes to choose from, glass tiles blend effortlessly with any theme, whether in the kitchen or outside of it.

Glass tiles are extremely versatile in terms of design, offer a very high quality and are very easy on the pocket. In addition, glass is not porous so it does not absorb moisture so you have no worries regarding mold and mildew and the resultant stains.

You could even use glass blocks for your backsplash. That’s kind of a radical idea, but if you really want it then it can be done. Glass blocks used creatively can literally transform your kitchen area into a work of art – and that’s no exaggeration. Take a look at the kind of designs that can be created using these:

Tips on installation

Installing can be rather easy provided you take care of the following:

* The first thing is to decide on the impact that you wish to create. Glass tiles are available in varied shapes, sizes, colors and textures. In case you’re creatively inclined, then you can even etch a design on the colored glass and give a unique touch.
* Deciding on the adhesive is next. The adhesive should be clear so that it mingles completely with the design. Dilute the thin-set so that it becomes invisible and can be easily applied on the glass tiles.
* Choosing the grout is also equally important. Epoxy coated grout is among the best in the business as it is non-porous and does not hold any moisture. The use of glitter and color to the grout gives a dazzling effect. Once the installation of the backsplash is complete, you need to remove the grout with rags and a mixture of water and vinegar.
* Allow the new tiles to set for 24 hours. This time will also allow the thin set and grout to dry completely.

This backsplash offers an exceptionally creative and highly innovative way to add style and elegance to the kitchen of your dreams. Are you ready to revitalize your kitchen space?

With a bit of effort you should be able to do the installation by yourself. Now, it does help if you are handy with tools and have some experience doing this kind of stuff. But it’s not all that hard as this video makes it abundantly clear.