Granite backsplash: Rock-solid style

It is never really hard to spot granite in a kitchen. A hugely popular material for counter tops, kitchen islands and kitchen carts, granite has made forays in to the backsplash market as well. Home owners who are confused about the kind of backsplash to go with the granite counter or those who cannot think beyond granite counter tops and ceramic tile backsplash, here’s some great news for you. The granite backsplash is here. It is definitely giving its ceramic tile partners a run for the money. The tile versus granite war is certainly on the cards. The choice, as always, is with the customer.

There are various kinds of granite, and you would want to educate yourself about what’s available on the market and also how you can use them in your kitchen for the best effect. Here’s a video that illustrates the Typhoon Bordeaux Granite – an elegant Brazilian granite. Did you know this even exists? 🙂

Granite backsplash: Look no further

The fact that granite is extremely popular for counter tops and kitchen islands speaks volumes of its durability. It is a rock-solid material that lasts a life time. Being low maintenance also augurs well for your kitchen. All that is required is some warm soapy water and a soft cloth and your backsplash will shine all day long. You can also spruce it up by polishing the surface regularly. Granite is naturally endowed to withstand high pressure and temperatures.

But the stone is extremely porous so it does have the bad habit of staining. So make sure you clean up all the food and liquid spatters immediately. Most importantly, it is visually very appealing. With this, one is sure to create a kitchen that is warm and appealing. The array of designs and soothing colors will definitely make your kitchen space the talk of the town.

Granite tiles in stunning colors are extremely versatile. These tiles score over metal, ceramic and even glass tiles as they can be coordinated with any kitchen decor. No doubt this is a must for every Tuscan or French country style kitchen, but it also lends an exquisite touch to any modern kitchen.

You can come across loads of information on several sites on the Internet. So whether you’re looking for more details on ubatuba granite or need some help on how to install a tile granite backsplash, there’s never any dearth of information.

For creating a rich, inviting and warm ambiance in the kitchen, this would be an excellent choice indeed.

Knowing how to use color in your kitchen is of paramount importance. This video gives some handy thumb rules on using colors in your kitchen to create a visually very appealing effect.