Here’s Why The Kitchen Sink And Faucet Display Forms An Integral Part Of Every Kitchen Remodeling Project

I often hear homeowners lampoon dream spaces with the gripe that once you move in there’s hardly any space for dreams. You’ll probably share the same sentiment if you’d undertaken a remodeling or even repair project in the recent past. And what really irks the harried homeowner even more is the selection of some very banal utility accessories for the decor like bathroom fixtures, plumbing fixtures for the kitchen or furniture designs for the entertainment area.

I can recall with a great deal of amusement the trepidation of my friend who seemed completely overwhelmed by the thought of selecting kitchen hardware supplies. I was rather bemused to see that mundane functional parts like taps, tiles, filters, soap sprays and valves seemed to have wrecked havoc in her life. All this at a time when her cup of woes was already overflowing with the frustrating thought of replacing that leaky stainless steel wall mounted faucet.

But honestly, I believe that kitchen sinks and faucets deserve to be treated with more veneration. You will not dismiss my opinion with scorn if you believe that your kitchen faucet and sink work as hard as your priceless dishwasher in making your life a lot simpler. So you better not discount their value in your everyday existence.

If you’re willing to eschew that parochial view about them, you’ll probably be able to appreciate the dizzying array there’s on offer. From an antique period style kitchen to something more contemporary, there’s a display to fit every mold. Each one of the multitude of finishes- brass, bronze, chrome, copper, nickel has an inexplicably exotic quotient. An ardent votary of a Roman faucet or waterfall faucet is sure to be delirious with joy when he comes across the incredible variety offered by leading brands like Danze, Grohe, Moen, Rohl and Kohler.

Put an end to the drudgery    

This pair has a rather onerous task thrust up on it- the task of helping us with cooking, cleaning, preparation of food and of course, always maintaining perfect harmony with the décor of the kitchen. Quite a tall order, considering they are often relegated to the background.

But they display can save copious amounts of time, effort and frustration only when the two work in tandem. So you may have this rather large kitchen sink for the stately granite slab, but the style-savvy automatic on/off sink faucet does not permit the space to be used for washing large pots and pans. Similarly, that spectacular Lovello sink or that ageless corner sink from Germany, may actually deflate your optimism without the presence of a perfect faucet.

Getting that perfect kitchen sink and faucet display is cakewalk provided you ensure that it’s functional, easy to maintain, durable, efficient and offers true value for money. It could be a kitchen sink with a low divider equipped with a drop-down faucet or something more elegant and stylish like a polished brass kitchen faucet with pull-out spray procured at half the price of kitchen faucets.

Bid adieu to that creaky old sink

If after years of dedicated service, your sink seems to have run out of steam, then chances are that adding a new sprayer may not really improve its aesthetic appeal and functionality. At times, you may be saved a hefty sum by simply sprucing up that lackluster enamel finish with the benevolent efforts of a resurfacing professional. But sometimes it makes more sense to greet, for example, a brand new stainless steel kitchen faucet with a white sink.

Kitchen sinks- No dearth of choice

Choosing a kitchen sink in isolation is certainly not the wisest thing to do. The host of factors like the usage of the kitchen, location and utility, depth, shape and material need to be considered gingerly before arriving at the ideal choice. While some homeowners may bear allegiance to the insert sink concept due to the ease of maintenance, others may be gladdened by an apron front sink. A nifty homemaker may consider the ease of cleaning pots and pans in a sink without divisions, rather earnestly.

Certainly not (im) material  

Choosing the right material for the sink can be quite an uphill climb. Surprised? Well, take a look at the choices that manufacturers bombard you with:

  • Stainless steel: Till date, homeowners prefer sinks made from this legendary material for its functionality and durability. Its seamless integration with a new-age, uncomplicated kitchen is another feather in its cap. All this at an irresistible price. A stainless steel kitchen sink with a modicum of chromium ensures that corrosion is a thing of the past. It’s easy to clean and treats glass with kid gloves. The presence of noise absorption technology has certainly silenced its critics. While selecting stainless steel, look for a lower gauge. It implies that the material is thicker, and therefore promises to last longer.
  • Cauldron of fine metals: There are other metals that are giving stiff competition to stainless steel sinks. Nickel scores over copper in terms of strength. One look at hammered nickel finish is enough for you to go hammer and tongs about it. Copper’s zero maintenance coupled with its ageless appeal is quite a riveting combination. Just make sure that you don’t use solders at the joints; its soulful appeal might get blackened.
  • Cast iron with enamel finish: Cast no aspersions on this durable, affordable and hugely popular material that always finished at the top for over a century. But watch out for those chips and scratches.
  • Engineered stone:  The variety is gargantuan from the soft, warm feel of Corian and swan stone to the innate smoldering appeal of natural stones like granite, quartz and slate in a divine nexus with acrylic. But if you want something that is matchless in terms of beauty and style, then it has to be soapstone. That’s of course if you’re willing to shell out an astronomical amount.

So whether a single large basin or separate prep sinks in interesting shapes, there are plenty of  options to keep your kitchen décor afloat. Just remember to take assistance from plumbing professionals at the time of installation.

Kitchen faucets: Of the first water

The scintillating array of designs, styles, materials, colors, prices and warranties in the world of kitchen faucets ensure that they no longer are regarded as just the functional means to fill the kitchen sink with water. From one hole county kitchen faucets that leave no space for design faux pas to the incredibly chic and trendy modular home kitchen faucets, it’s hard to water down their importance in the kitchen décor.

Factors that influence the choice of kitchen faucet

You’re all set to purchase an outdoor water faucet, but haven’t a clue about the factors that influence your acquisition. Here’s something to chew on:

  • Faucet hole drillings: There are anywhere between 1-4 holes on a standard kitchen sink, which are utilized for not just the faucet, but other accessories like soap and lotion dispenser, faucet with water filtration and the like.
  • Installation method: Its important to ascertain whether the faucet will be installed on the sink or through the kitchen countertop.
  • Spout length, height and reach: In case of a large or deep sink, make sure the faucet has enough length to reach the sink. Also, the spout height- a standard arch or high arch- will determine if the faucet is capable of washing all the large pots and small pans in the sink. Do make sure that the water from the faucet reaches the centre of the sink.
  • Handles: Its just not practicality but also aesthetic value that needs to be considered when you choose a single handle, two handle or lever handle faucet.
  • Down and out: A faucet can be down and certainly out. I’m only referring to the functioning of the kitchen faucet. A pull out faucet gets your vote when there’s no requirement for an added side spray. The spray head is small enough to fit snugly into the user’s palms. The change from a water stream to a spray is complete with the operation of just one button. A pull down faucet works the same way, but has the added advantage of height.
  • Array of styles: A wall mounted faucet that requires water supply to be rooted above the countertop, adds to the old world appeal of an antique kitchen. A pot filler faucet is ideal for those ardent Nigella Lawson fans whereas a bar sink faucet is sure to turn your kitchen in to a watering hole within no time.
  • Finished to perfection: There are a multitude of finishes to opt for. White platinum, pewter, bronze, brushed chrome, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, polished brass are a just a few that are hard to gloss over.

Guidance in the right direction

Ever wondered how a hand pump sink faucet works? Or may be its restore kitchen faucet that is the cause of all your trials and tribulations? With online kitchen faucet buying guides and the best kitchen faucet reviews, there’ll never be any disconnect between you and your kitchen faucet.

Still believe that their design does not hold much water? Its certain to be a watershed in terms of thought and action as far as the kitchen décor is concerned. Ready to sink your teeth into it?