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Ina Garten recommends 3 kitchen utensils for perfect recipes

Ina Garten is the barefoot countess. His culinary philosophy revolves around simple recipes that often end with his cry: “Is it so easy?” However, that doesn’t mean the Food Network star isn’t honing in on the details. Garten uses three kitchen utensils to make sure her recipes are perfect every time.

Ina Garten uses a ruler ‘almost every time’ she cooks a recipe

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The Barefoot Contessa always follows recipes to the letter. She doesn’t skip a step, whether it’s in one of her favorite cookbooks or something she developed herself. There to help him follow every instruction to the letter? A ruler. the barefoot countess the host keeps a ruler in his kitchen. Not only does she use it all the time, but she considers it a great Christmas present.

According to Eating Well, Garten praised a few cookware for helping her achieve perfect recipes during a December 2020 guest spot on the Allrecipes podcast, Home made. Not only do they make dishes feel less homemade and a bit more professional, but she said they can give home cooks more confidence in the kitchen.

The first tool named by Garten? A ruler “so that when you measure the size of the pot or the size of the pan — I can’t tell you, almost every time I make a recipe I end up removing that ruler. And I have like a 24 inch ruler, like from the drawing store.

Ina Garten uses a scale to make food “a little more professional”

Ina Garten and Willie Geist and Ina Garten cooking in her kitchen Sunday today in 2018

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The second kitchen tool Garten recommends is a “food scale.”

“I always measure things that, you know, sometimes say a pound, but I have a three-pound bag of them. And so I don’t know exactly what a pound is,” she said. “If I have a cake that, you know, the batter makes two cakes, I want to make sure both are the exact same size.”

Instead of doing it with the naked eye, Garten uses the scale.

“I weigh the pan and the batter, then I can make sure,” she added. “So a scale is something, it’s very accessible. And yet, I think it makes everything you do a little more professional.

Ina Garten says an oven thermometer is ‘more important’ than a kitchen scale or ruler

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An oven thermometer is “even more important than the other two,” Garten said. “Everyone thinks the oven is exactly at the temperature shown on the dial. And it never is. It’s anything but.”

She went on to say, “Every time I turn on the oven, I put a thermometer in to see what the actual oven temperature is. And it doesn’t take five minutes to get there.

“An oven guy once explained to me that most ovens, if you set it to 350 [degrees Fahrenheit], the temperature goes up to 400, then back to 300, then to 375,” she said. “And then it goes to 325. And after about 15 or 20 minutes it levels off at 350.”

“You can’t just turn it on and think it’s going to hit 350 and stop,” she added. “So you really have to give it time to warm up.”