Inspiration for Italian or Tuscan themed kitchen design

You want to get started on your kitchen remodeling project fast, but you simply cannot seem to find anything that can get your creative juices flowing. If that describes you, read on

The good thing about designing a Tuscan themed kitchen is that it does not have to be very complex. The defining feature of these kitchens is that they are simple and have a country like look and feel to them. They are warm and welcoming.

Too many people who get started on redesigning their kitchens the Italian way get stuck because they are obsessed with themes. And there are so many themes to choose from – rustic, rooster, galletto, grape and many, many more. And when there are so many extremely good options to choose from, some people just cannot decide.

Instead of focusing on themes, you would want to pay closer attention to what really makes Tuscan kitchens so very special. It is the spirit behind the designs that you would want to focus on.

You would want to look at the raw materials, colors and textures which are at the heart of just about every theme. Doing so can set your imagination free to create designs that are beautiful and unique – and just right for your home.

Maybe start by getting Venetian plaster with a terracotta hue for your walls, use natural stone tiles for the floors, and granite for the counter top. Buying copper cookware would be a good idea as well. Dark and rustic looking wood and cast iron furniture is what is generally preferred.

Elegance, a touch of old-world European charm, refinement, warmth, beauty – these are the characteristics you would want to bring into your design. You would want to ask yourself  whether any element you add to your design can be described in terms of adjectives like these. And you would want to create a fine blend of old world elegance and the modern amenities . Add a touch of personalization to it and make the design your very own.

While books on kitchen design could be one source of ideas, chances are most of the designs in those glossy books are not for folks who are operating on a budget. Instead, go to your local library and check out books and periodicals about Italy and Italian countryside in particular. That way, you should be able to come up with designs that suit your budget and look really pretty as well.

As you can see, all of this does not have to be very complicated. Really easy to create gorgeous designs without spending a lot of money or investing a lot of time into it.