Kitchen tools

Jake Cohen shares 11 kitchen utensils that will make you a ‘modern Mensch’

“There are four items home cooks need,” chef Jake Cohen told HuffPost. “A Dutch oven, a non-stick skillet, a cast iron skillet and a pot for pasta. If you have these four items, you can cook almost anything and build your list from there.

But besides that, there’s a lot more that will make cooking fun. The 27-year-old culinary guru is a trusted source, with a resume that includes stints at, Time Out New York and (and even HuffPost) before recently posting “Jew-ishher first cookbook featuring “reinvented recipes of a modern mensch” (think cacio e pepe rugelach, short rib cholent, and oh-so-delicious sabich bagel sandwiches).

He also happens to be a instagram star, not in a short measure thanks to his entertaining daily posts about cooking in his Long Island City apartment, hosting Shabbat dinners, and living with her husband, whom he delightfully guides to discovering his inner foodie. on live video.

Here, Cohen shares some of his favorite home kitchen tools, also revealing how he likes to organize his own cookbooks.

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