Kitchen appliances

joyami launches new affordable kitchen appliances to spice up your cooking experience

joyami by TOKIT Malaysia has launched a new range of kitchen appliances that allow you to control them intelligently via your smartphone.

We’ll start with the smart gadget, the Joyami Smart Rice Cooker. As well as being a standard rice cooker, the smart comes via the Mi Home app where you can monitor the current remaining time and set 1 of 4 available rice textures of Soft, Moderate, Stiff and Custom while leaving the rice cooker do the rest for you. No more searching for online guides on how to get the perfect rice.

joyami smart cooktop

The other smart device is the joyami Smart Cooktop which comes with a 99 level rotary knob to let you adjust the heat level to the most precise scale where it can cover the needs of hotpot, soup, steamer, stir fry , and more thanks to its wide range of holding temperature control. It also bills itself as an entry-level sous vide device because it can simulate the long, low-temperature cooking time the technique is known for. Other functions can also be activated and accessed through the Mi Home app.

Joyami Multi-Purpose Chef's Pan + Transparent Electric Kettle

Finally, we have the versatile non-smart chef’s pan and transparent electric kettle. They do what they do best as the pan comes with an Eclipse non-stick coating for easy cleaning or cooking (no metal spoon please haiya) while the electric kettle is created with a metal body borosilicate glass which is safe and corrosion resistant. .


The four new joyami kitchen appliances will be available from March 15 with a limited-time launch day promotional price included in the range. If you’re interested, be sure to grab them when the midnight clock strikes!

  • Joyami Smart Rice Cooker: RM299 (RM99!)
  • joyami smart cooktop: RM399 (RM299!)
  • Joyami Versatile Chef’s Pan: RM149 (RM109!)
  • Joyami Transparent Electric Kettle: RM129 (RM79!)