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Kitchen Appliances 101: What NOT to Put in a Microwave

(Photo: Mike from Pexels)

Kitchen appliances are huge lifesavers for anyone who cooks, whether the person knows how to cook or not. They just make life so convenient and the whole cooking and catering process so much faster.

However, as convenient as they are to use, the devices have their do’s and don’ts when you use them. Take the microwave oven, for example.

Have you ever found yourself guessing what can be heated inside the microwave and what will likely start a fire? Here are some of the things you should never put in a microwave to heat up:

Aluminum foil

Yes, we understand that food, especially takeout, may be wrapped in foil. We also understand that it seems so convenient and easy to toss the foil-wrapped food into the microwave and start heating it.

What everyone should understand and never forget, as an article of HuffPost clarifies, that aluminum foil is metal and metal and that microwaves do not go together…unless you want to start a fire.


Too many people on the internet have tried boiling an egg in a microwave. Is it a good idea? Not so much, to be honest.

Not only can it be such a mess to heat eggs in the microwave, but it can also be very dangerous. As an article of Food Network points out: “The rapid heating process can create a lot of steam inside the egg, which can cause it to explode into a mess of eggs.”


The fruit seems harmless enough that it won’t be a problem if you reheat it in the microwave. However, according to the HuffPost article, that’s actually not the case.

In fact, the article explains that heating grapes in the microwave will cause them to explode. Also, unless literally smoking raisins are your idea of ​​a delicious snack, you shouldn’t put them in the microwave either.

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If you think that putting nothing inside the microwave then turning it on won’t do any harm, think again.

According to HuffPost, “Since there’s nothing there to absorb the microwaves, like food, the magnetron — the thing that makes the microwave work — ends up absorbing the microwaves and essentially self-destructing.”

Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are safe to heat in the microwave, but this will depend on their composition. If your travel mug is plastic, first check if it is microwave safe.

If it’s stainless steel, remember it’s still metal and it’s never a good idea to heat metal in a microwave.

Uncovered pasta sauces

There’s nothing wrong with reheating pasta sauces in the microwave, as long as they’re covered.

Uncovered pasta sauces, when heated, will splatter and spit all over the inside of your microwave, creating a huge mess you wouldn’t want to clean up.

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