Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances designed to turn your dining experiences into MasterChef-worthy delights!

The pandemic has spawned many home chefs, who have discovered a deep and deep love for cooking! Surprisingly, I was one of them. Before the pandemic, cooking was a chore that I avoided completely. But now, honestly, I find it quite therapeutic! The pandemic and all the free time that came with it kind of woke up my inner boss. To encourage and motivate all of the interior chefs who came to life during the pandemic, we’ve curated a collection of kitchen appliances that promise to turn cooking from a Herculean feat into an enjoyable and fun one! Whether it’s a food preservation appliance with an intuitive control design or a durable underground refrigerator that keeps your food fresh naturally, these kitchen products promise to turn your disastrous dining experiences into delicacies. worthy of MasterChef! These products can cut your prep time in half, make small cooking tasks much easier, and help you with time-consuming and complicated techniques. They make cooking effortless and easy. Enjoy!

That plastic kettle sitting on our kitchen counter probably looks like something of a time capsule compared to all the other appliances that got a makeover. Finally, it’s the kettle’s turn and POINT B shows everything. It has a touchscreen interface that instantly upgrades the appliance with others and allows the user to establish a more organic connection with it. The circular display has two rings – the outer ring shows the temperature and the inner ring shows the water level inside. The countdown starts after setting the water temperature and beeps once it’s ready! CMF’s choice really elevates the simple appliance into an aesthetic product that you can proudly display on your kitchen counter.

Providing leverage to one-handed users, Moray is constructed with an assortment of chamfers, slanted surfaces, and curved edges that keep dishes in one place while they are washed. By refining his universal kitchen sink, Baltazar identified kitchen obstacles for one-handed dishwashers and sought to resolve them with Moray. After a series of periods of indirect observation and ideation, Baltazar learned that it was less about introducing new tools and more about rethinking the sink from the pelvis upwards.

ODNY.BOX is a food storage concept with an intuitive control dial and minimal aesthetics allowing users to store any type of leftover, from hot cookies to cold Greek yogurt. Inspired by the bulbous shape that water takes on when it falls on flat surfaces, the ODNY.BOX glass lid presents itself as half of a globe and almost rolls up under the platform where the food is placed. are kept for sealed storage. The seasons have an effect not only on the food we eat, but also on how that food is stored for tomorrow. During the winter months, the hot foods that we order or cook at home are subjected to cold temperatures, while during the warmer months, perishables like produce are the first to go bad.

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award in 2021, the Gevi rejects the idea that a coffee machine should look like a big, bulky, square device. With its cylindrical design that branches out into the cantilevered coffee grinder and infuser, the Gevi capitalizes on visual drama, seeming almost sculptural, like a ballerina on one leg. While this description might be a bit too artistic for what is essentially a coffee machine, it does make a point… that even a run-of-the-mill kitchen appliance can be designed to look good.

Cellars have been used throughout the ages to store food or even serve as a bunker in times of natural disaster. Groundfridge takes this design a step further by adding fresh food refrigeration to the game. The trick used by Groundfridge is to use the ground’s natural insulating ability and cooler nighttime air temperatures. The balance of this design allows you to store your veggies, fruit, cheese, and even wine all year round. The ventilation in this project uses a fan with a timer that replenishes cool air overnight. Too hot for comfort? An additional cooler can be used to power it on the hottest summer days.

Instant pot with lantern

Discover WAMP, an ultra-durable duralumin instant pot, ideal for campers who appreciate the multiple uses of the items they store in the backpack. Although this is a pretty basic utensil, it solves a very useful objective. You can place it on any oil lantern to put the dissipated heat to good use. For example, heating or keeping food warm without spending extra energy. Whether it’s cooking piping hot preserves or brewing energizing tea on a long mountain trip.

The OTOTO Tea Trap gives the art of brewing a fun twist. Unlike those boring metal infusers, the Tea Trap is inspired by a carnivorous plant that eats away at your tea leaves. Once the stomach (or mouth) of the tea trap is full, simply immerse it in a cup of hot water and the tea will begin to brew through the perforations on the sides of the infuser. Use the elongated handle of the tea trap to stir it until your tea reaches the right color, and when you are done the tea trap will spit out the tea leaves very nicely into the trash because no one likes to eat tea leaves… not even carnivorous plants!

Designed as a portable bottle that allows you to instantly carbonate your water or drink whenever you want, the Bottle + comes with a washer-shaped carbon dioxide chamber, contained in an adapter that screws onto the base of the bottle . Once filled with CO2, the chamber allows you to sparkle your drink with the push of a button. The small chamber, contained in what’s called the Spark Adapter, allows you to carbonate your water up to 15 times no matter where you are without batteries. Once the Spark adapter has run out of CO2, it recharges via a home charging station located on your kitchen counter.

This outdoor grill balances design aesthetics with the sturdiness of lightweight tubular construction to tackle any abuse of the off-road environment to come. He designed conveniently designed, high-efficiency two-zone propane burners with an easily cleanable aesthetic. The Forge 15 grill features a flip-up prep table for easy storage, easy-to-read temperature gauge, large steel handle, removable grease pan, bottle opener integrated and weatherproof cover. When tucked into the vehicle’s tailgate during travel, the swivel swingarm pulls the grill away from the car for cooking when it’s time to set up camp.

Noticing that people have a harder time removing the lid from the water bottle and holding it while they drink, the designers created Loop so that users can slide the lid over the neck of the bottle when they drink. have a drink. Loop’s neck shape has been specially designed to serve as a storage method for the water bottle cover, providing a convenient and hygienic place to carry the cap. Developing the buckle design, the designers note: “The inside of the buckle is slightly curved and exactly matches the contours of the bottle; allowing for a tight friction fit that prevents it from slipping while the user is drinking. In addition, the lid doubles as a convenient carrying handle and an attachment point for hanging bags.