Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances to help you cook outdoors effortlessly on your next camping trip

Honestly, I love a good old-fashioned camping trip! Relaxing in the middle of nature, in a soft bubble of my own, far from the hectic life of the city – that seems like paradise to me! However, one thing that always worries me before any camping trip is meals! I’m a food lover through and through, and having hot, freshly prepared (and tasty) meals at all times is a must for me. A good meal isn’t always guaranteed when you get dirty outside, but we can always do our best! Therefore, we have curated a collection of portable and functional kitchen appliances that will help you prepare delicious meals even when you are only surrounded by nature! From a DHL-inspired portable briefcase-sized camping stove to a portable electric cooking pot for cooking up the perfect soup while camping, we’ve rounded up a whole range of super cool and useful outdoor cooking appliances that will take you there. will provide good food without fail.

1. Ember

Called Ember, this concept portable oven features a monolithic design and sleek, smart construction to ensure it can be used over a stove’s flame – without electricity – to create that ideal condition for cooking. You can use this space-saving oven on the kitchen counter or, as I said, take it with you when you go camping. But as the designer says, the oven is more precisely a solution intended to facilitate cooking in small kitchens. Given its cooking process, Ember is able to cook healthier foods faster in small household spaces compared to conventional methods. The device is also more convenient to use – simply place it on the stove flame, fill Ember with its container for baking cupcakes and close the glass lid.

2. Choi’s Electric Pot

Since camping limits many of the different cooking methods typically available, the menu is also quite limited. Hoping to expand the camping cooking experience, industrial designer Yunsoo Choi has conceptualized an electric cooking pot for camping that can even be used to make soup. Characterized by its triangular shape, Choi’s electric pot takes the same shape as tripods and table lamps that have similar silhouettes. Although its shape is familiar, its operation differs slightly to suit cooking stews and soups. Camping accessories and cooking utensils maintain a compact build to ensure ultimate portability and Choi’s Electric Pot is no different. Thanks to a telescopic layering system, the different modules of Choi’s electric cooking pot can be nested inside each other and carried by a raised and removable handlebar.

3. Shelf

Developed in the design language of DHL, PDF Haus aimed to give Shelf a simple box silhouette with a free-wheeling attitude, drawing inspiration from the color palette, materials and finishes often chosen by DHL for their vehicles and brand aesthetics. The grill even comes with DHL decals and labels that can be affixed to the front housing of the metal grill that converts to a table extension. While most gas stoves come with a separate carrying case, Shelf’s entire grill has been transformed into a grill that can be consolidated and taken on the go. Shaped and carried like a slim briefcase, two metal clasps open and slide to reveal the shelf grid and additional table space.

4. Campo

The Campo, inspired by the curves of an Apple Watch and the concept of a portable EV battery, is made in nature-friendly colors. Its helmet-like design, where the visor (the lid in this case) can be rolled up with a handle. Inside you have a magnetically attached plate, on which you can keep the item you want to cook or heat and set the timer (which is displayed on the handle which you can pull down to start the microwave) . Ease of portability is provided by a locking mechanism on the side of the device, which locks into place when the handle is rolled up or pushed flat. Given its attractive shape and design, the Campo can easily fit into your vehicle’s center console, so you can even enjoy a cup of coffee while driving. In addition to its outdoor application, a microwave oven of this type can be useful during unexpected power outages or an all-out backyard party, which turns a normal day into a surprising camping event. .

5. The C3PO canteen and the R2D2 stainless steel travel cup

The year 2022 marks 45 years since Episode IV of Star Wars – A New Hope hit the big screen, and nearly half a century since George Lucas introduced us to two of the most beloved robots in pop culture. To celebrate this momentous occasion (as well as the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back), Corkcicle has launched an entire collection of Star Wars-inspired barware that is sure to spruce up your kitchen! While the collection spans all the memorable Star Wars characters, our eyes instantly fell in love with the C3PO canteen and the R2D2 stainless steel travel tumbler – two pieces of drinkware that not only work together, but even grace their references in size and proportion!

6. The G-cube

In my opinion, a truly smart fridge is a fridge that adds value and has more use cases than a plain, readily available option. That’s where the G-cube smart mini fridge comes in with its impressive complement of portability. The conveniently sized mini fridge is first designed to help users manage food more easily. It can be wall mounted in the kitchen to save you valuable space in the apartment. Plus, the G-cube can be removed from the wall mount for storage in the trunk of the car – or added to your RV kitchen – when your adventurous life takes you away from home. In addition to managing food and keeping your drinks cool when traveling, the G-cube saves you the hassle of carrying a speaker. Yes, it’s true! The G-cube, when connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth, can be used as a portable speaker.

7. The Oblique Dropper

Oblic Dropper is an immersion coffee maker designed with an angled silhouette and silicone coating for precise pouring and coffee on the go. Following a construction similar to conventional immersion coffee drippers, the Oblic dripper allows users to brew multiple cups of coffee in record pour time. Equipped with a built-in cap, transferring Oblic Dropper from cup to cup can be a clean and seamless transition without any spills. Constructed of glass, Oblic Dropper features a slanted silhouette that brings a modern twist to the traditional design. The angled silhouette of Oblic Dropper allows users to tilt the glass mug to ensure hot water can be poured all the way around the edges, allowing for perfect pouring.

8. The Zarges 29-L briefcase

This coffee kit has a full range of accessories and looks ready to be dropped into a war zone and I just know it will survive with the Zarges 29L case protecting it. The brew range comes in a lightweight, sturdy, custom foam-padded German aluminum box that is popular for Overlanding and can be neatly stacked on top of other Zarges boxes of similar size or strapped to the outside of a vehicle if necessary. It’s designed to keep dust and moisture out, and it’s also IGBC certified bear resistant according to Zarges USA – so no aggressive grizzly bears will steal your coffee though before the coffee some of us might be ourselves like angry bears! The kit includes a large 32 oz (946 ml) BruTrek French press with a more group-friendly option with a handle and pour spout.


Dubbed “HAUL”, the minimalist gas stove is seen in an attractive color combination, has a brilliant overall design, which relies on the convenience of portability and eliminates the metal mesh from the heating surface. The strong point of the HAUL, as the designer mentions, is its neat design. The stove is redesigned without “protruding wire mesh”, which is a disadvantage with conventional gas stoves. Additionally, the compact heater is designed to be lightweight and features a built-in stable stand and carrying handle. The interesting red and white gas stove has a rotary knob on top for temperature control and turns the stove on or off when not needed.

10. The Forge 15 Grill

This outdoor grill balances design aesthetics with the ruggedness of lightweight tube frame construction to withstand whatever abuse the off-road environment presents itself. He practically designed dual-zone, high-efficiency BTU propane burners with an easy-to-clean aesthetic. The Forge 15 Grill features a fold-down prep table for easy storage, easy-to-read temperature gauge, large steel handle, removable grease tray, bottle opener integrated and a weatherproof cover. When stored in the vehicle’s tailgate while traveling, the pivoting swing arm moves the grill away from the car for cooking when it’s time to set up camp. The swivel grill can also be detached for tabletop grilling if needed. Plus, there’s a sturdy maple cutting board to increase the prep surface – and it can be removed to transport meals to the table.