5 Things Any Worthy Kitchen Cabinet Designs Must Possess

For long, kitchen cabinet designs have always been shrouded in a cloak of mystery and intrigue. For long, these humble, unassuming cabinets were treated with scorn, and believed to have only functional value, without the trappings of style and sophistication. Thankfully, all that is a thing of the past. Today’s modern-day designs have become hubs for innovation, with a wide range of paint and stain options and techniques like distressing and refacing making inroads into the interior design world.

Contemporary homeowners believe that these cabinets can become the reflection of their well-heeled and well-placed existence.

Do Your Cabinets Match Up?

The designs of your kitchen cabinets can spark off a conversation instantly. So what do your designs say about you? Here are five things that every worthy design must possess:

  • While choosing cabinet designs you will have to pick from stock, semi-stock and custom cabinets.  Choose the one based on the level of craftsmanship desired and the costs.
  • The style of cabinets – urban, traditional old world, Asian, or any other – must be in sync with the mood and theme of your kitchen. So while raised panel doors burnish the aura of traditional designs, the contemporary look gets a shot in the arm with full overlay doors.
  • Cabinets can be created from a wide range of woods. These include oak, maple, pine, cherry, alder, birch and hickory. Cherry, birch and maple enjoy mass appeal, alder and poplar; create a dramatic effect without causing a severe drain on your finances. Hickory and oak have quite a heavy weight presence, while cabinets made from pine do have several takers.
  • The style and shape of the doors too call for some deliberation. You could choose from different styles like partial overlay, full overlay, lipped and inset. The different types of door shapes are – raised panel, recessed panel, bead board, curved panel and flat slab. Remember, the kind of door you choose can make or mar the look and feel of the cabinets.
  •   Finally, make sure the decorative knobs and pulls fulfill more than just aesthetic requirements. The multitude of plastic, ceramic, glass, iron and chrome fixtures also protect the kitchen cabinets.

So are you ready to give your kitchen cabinets a fresh lease of life?