Kitchen Decorating Themes: An Overview

Here’s a cursory look at some really good themes to decorate your kitchen 🙂

Tuscan theme:

Rural, rustic, warm and natural are the words which describe Tuscan design. So if you love this ambience then you can go for Tuscan decorating style of kitchens. Tuscan theme is all about inclusion of country spirit in your kitchen. This may involve the use of wrought iron and pottery, the inclusion of country flavor by adopting limestone, marble and going for distressed wooden furniture. So if you are interested, then check out the design elements, predominant colors used in the theme below. A bit of history: Tuscan is a part of Italian republic and is considered as the starting point for Italian renaissance or the place of rebirth of Italian culture after the dark ages. As Tuscany was a hub of cultural change, Tuscany is all about landscape design from the Renaissance period. All the design elements in Tuscan decoration should add to the old world charm of the home which is what Tuscan style is all about.

Design elements:

The key to designing your kitchen the Tuscan way is to add a very liberal dose of natural, rustic flair and warmth. So opt for tiles such as marble, terracotta, travertine or slate in kitchens. Go for wooden furniture and wrought iron accessories. Make the kitchen open, warm and welcoming. So add open shelves and cabinets, display kitchen ware in open shelves and hang pots and pans in the ceiling to create an informal atmosphere. Pre dominant colors: It is important to go for earthy tones when choosing Tuscan colors. So dark green, sage, brown are in. Yellow, gold, tomato orange and blue which depict the rolling hillside colors of Tuscan are also included.

Tips to incorporate the theme in the kitchen:

• Go for open shelves and cabinets. If you don’t wish it to be open then opt for frosted glass doors for cabinets which make the kitchenware transparent.

• Wrought iron items from yard sales are a cheap way to bring in Tuscan ambience in to the kitchen. Go for wrought iron racks to display wine bottles or bring in wrought iron chandeliers to add Tuscan charm in to the kitchen.

• Terracotta floors, stacked stone backsplashes or granite backsplashes and countertops can also recreate the charm of Tuscany.

• For old world feel go for distressed kitchen furniture, multiple colors in cabinets and faux finishes.

• Tuscan inspired paintings, wall murals or stenciled motifs in backsplashes can also usher in a Tuscan feel for the kitchen.

Fat chef theme:

To add a bit of fun and excitement to your kitchen you can opt for a fat chef theme. This is sure to brighten up your life and bring a smile on all the people visiting your home.

The theme is pretty simple as well with black and white as ruling colors. You then need to add little figurines of fat chef, gourmet cooks etc.


A fat chef kitchen décor is an Italian theme. Fat chef figurines generally have the typical gourmet cook’s features complete with chef attire and the big chubby face. So if you frequently spend time preparing gourmet meals then you can think of adding this theme in to your kitchen. It will lend your kitchen an inspiring note.

Design elements:

The major design element is the black and white colors for the kitchen. Red can be used an accent color to highlight the chef theme in the kitchen. The rest of the décor is pretty simple. You will need to buy chef kitchen décor items which are available in plenty at Amazon, eBay and other online fat chef themed e-commerce sites. So depending on your budget limits you can opt for inexpensive items like salt, pepper shakers, wall hooks or go for costly items like rugs, canister sets etc. Pre dominant colors: The dominant colors of this theme are very simple and minimalist. Black and white is the foundational colors and for a colorful touch you can go for red, yellow, orange etc.

Tips to incorporate the theme in the kitchen:

• As black and white are the central theme you can opt for white walls, black cabinets. or go for checkered floors or backsplashes etc. For a dash of color add streaks of red with red napkins, towels and red handles in cabinets.

• On the bare walls of kitchen place a fat chef bistro clock or few decorative fat chef wall hooks can be added. These hooks can be used to display tea pots, towels, cups etc. They do not cost much either. You can also go for a simple hook rack to replace multiple hooks.

• On the kitchen table or on the countertop you can add large chef ceramic jars, cheese dishes, salad fork and spoons, canister sets etc.

• Near the backsplash or countertop you can also opt for chef blackboards wherein you can write cute restaurant type of messages. Your kids will surely love you for these.

• On the dining table you can include chef napkins, salt and pepper shakers, and chef holding a wine bottle or glasses. This is sure to add some fun in to your dining table conversations.


Country kitchen theme:

Down to earth, rustic and informal is what country kitchen themes are about. Natural elements are used to create a rustic flair in country kitchens. The kitchen design is all about creating a relaxed atmosphere.


A country kitchen origin exists in the large kitchens of villages where space is not a dearth. Country side kitchens often have ample area for cooking and feeding. So primarily this theme should address the space and rustic feel of the country side.

Design elements:

The design of a country style theme should mainly concentrate on natural earthy materials to bring in the rustic ambience. So open shelves and cupboards, distressed and painted kitchen furniture, usage of copper, stone, steel to recreate the country atmosphere is necessary. Marble, hand painted tiles, ceramic tiles and slate  are used to convey the country look.

Pre dominant colors

As it is all about introducing an informal and warm atmosphere, the country style kitchens adopt warm earthy colors such as sage green, blue etc. Neutral colors and vibrant accent colors like bright red, cool blue and earthy green can also be added. Plain and vibrant colors need to be mixed and matched to get the country ambience.

Tips to incorporate the theme in the kitchen:

• Go for cork flooring or cork backsplashes to create an English country look. The use of Limestone and Venetian plaster technique on walls can further enhance this look.

• Display traditional dishware in open shelves or shelves with glass cabinetry to get an authentic country looking kitchen.

• Go for window boxes which house old metal baskets and bright flower vases. These add a country charm in to the kitchen.

• Wooden or oak beams, display of copper pots and pans hanging from the ceiling are a great way to add a country ambience in to the kitchen.

• For a French style country kitchen go for butcher block islands and wine racks. For rusticity add oak planks.

Apple kitchen décor:

Wish to brighten up your kitchen a bit? Then why not use the apple kitchen décor for your sweet little kitchen? Not only will you have fun decorating your kitchen you will also find the kitchen inspiring once you finish your job.


Apples are predominantly a country side theme giving a farmyard look for your home. But they go well with contemporary stainless steel homes too if the right accessories are selected.

Pre dominant colors:

Pre dominant colors need not be red alone. You can also stick with green or slightly pink or yellow apples as the main colors for your kitchen. In fact you can choose all the intermediary colors of an apple.

Design elements:

Apple theme can be both traditional and contemporary. You can choose to go with a monochromatic color scheme or borrow heavily in to all the colors of your accent pieces while modeling your kitchen. You can go with apple accessories from Amazon or eBay which boasts variety of items like apple wall accessories, canisters, curtains, rugs etc.

Tips to incorporate the theme in the kitchen:

• Apple kitchen décor suits a country kitchen very well. With white cream walls you can use apple kitchen pieces effectively. You can use a range of apple accessories like apple clocks, apple key holder, canister sets, rugs etc.

• If you are planning to use apple décor in contemporary kitchens then don’t forget to use sleek apple kitchen pieces. Sleek and stylish items like wax apples and sleek apple jars can blend well with stainless steel kitchens.

• With plenty of apple accessories it may be confusing as to where to start. A good idea is to start with one single item like a jar and decorate the rest of the room by taking ideas from this jar. You can then add smaller items to your kitchens.

• Apple accessories need not cost much. Things like apple wallpapers, painting the cabinets with green or red color, apple motifs on backsplashes, apple kitchen pictures may be used to bring in an apple décor in your kitchen.

• If you are ready to shell out more you can consider apple themed curtains complete with valence and swag. Or you can try 3D canister sets, kitchen rugs and murals  to get the authentic apple décor look.


Fruit kitchen décor:

To add some zing in to your drab kitchen why not try a fruit kitchen décor? It is fun, practical and a decorative kitchen idea which you can easily set up in a day or so. If you don’t know where to start take a look at few helpful pointers.

Predominant colors:

The predominant colors of the kitchen depend on the fruits you choose to go with. For example if you choose apples then you can go with all shades of apples. You could paint the walls, cabinets with the colors of the apple like red, yellow or green. Or if you are using combination of fruits then you can go with all shades of the fruits. So the choice is endless if you opt for a fruit theme.

Tips to incorporate the theme in the kitchen:

• Though you could go with one or more fruits for your fruit theme it is better to stick to one fruit. This makes choosing fruit accessories easier. You can also incorporate all the shades of the particular fruit in your kitchen like curtains, mats, wall paint etc.

• You can create your own fruit art and deck up it in your wall. If you fail to find the right accessories you can always enlarge an existing fruit photo and frame it on your wall. Or you can make a collage of fruit photos.

• You are sure to get the right fruit accessories which suit your budget in Amazon or eBay. There are plenty of items to choose from like cutting boards, fruit clocks, canister sets, pepper shakers, fruit bowls, curtains etc.

• If you are budget tight then you can also fill bowls with fresh fruits or jars with fruits and place them over the countertop. This can add a fresh look to your kitchen.


Rooster kitchen décor:

If you love country theme then you will surely love the rooster kitchen décor for your kitchen. Whether it is a bright rooster perched on your countertop or a rooster cookie jar, the theme is bright, colorful and gives the kitchen a zing factor. So if you love the proud rooster then here are few tips to incorporate the same in your home.


Rooster was a symbol of faith in the middle ages and it stood for various emotions like warmth, comfort, security etc. Rooster has also been associated with French Royal images and hence the use of Rooster can also denote pride and royalty. The proud bird has always been depicted in folk styles and is generally associated with country kitchen themes.

Predominant colors:

The colors to stick to are red, blue, green, yellow, gold etc. The rooster décor is pretty bold in color. So use the bold colors subtly and try not to overwhelm the kitchen with too many bright items.  It is best to choose a color first and then slowly add the accessories one by one in order to avoid costly disasters.

Design elements:

As the theme is predominantly country style stick with warm colors like red, yellow, cream etc. Choose appropriate fabric, floors and furniture for your kitchen which reflect the country spirit. Then stick with rooster accessories bowls, canisters, paper napkin holders, cork boards, dinner bells to add the rooster element subtly.

Tips to incorporate the theme in the kitchen:

What with rooster décor items a plenty which do you choose? Do you go for rooster table top items, wall hangings or stick with rooster jars?

• If you are incorporating the theme in your kitchen for the first time then it is best to stick with a single item of rooster. It could be a rooster cookie jar or rooster figurines for the countertop.

• Then balance this rooster with the rest of the room. This can be pretty simple as rooster can come in various shades such as white, red, black etc. So you can go with the rooster shades in curtains, rugs, stove mats etc.

• Slowly start adding rooster items like wall clocks, mural arts etc. You can also try rooster décor items from Amazon like wall racks, stools and carts.

• Once this is done you can add more figures for the table like napkins, dishes etc. Try soap dispensers, cutting boards, cookie jars for the counter etc. Make sure you don’t overwhelm the kitchen with these items as all the rooster items are pretty visual and bold.


Mexican kitchens:

If you love the hot spices in every part of your life then why leave the kitchen out of it? You can usher in a hot Mexican kitchen right in your home and enjoy its warm, spicy feeling. Bold and dashing this lively Mexican kitchen can enliven your home as never before.

Pre-dominant colors: As the entire theme is bold in nature you should use warm colors such as red, yellow, blue, black etc. Accent colors should focus on giving the kitchen a dramatic look. So bright orange, fiery red, terracotta, indigo blue and the like can give an authentic appeal to your kitchen.

Design elements:

Tradition combined with earthy tones is what Mexican theme is about. Mexican theme can be infused in your kitchen by going for Talavera dishware and pottery. Talavera or majolica pottery originated during 16th century. The inclusion of these white, cream, yellow or blue pottery elements in to the kitchen can usher in a Mexican ambience. Along with these, wooden beams, baskets, wrought iron items, hand painted tiles are also common design elements of Mexican theme.

Tips to incorporate the theme in the kitchen:

• You can go for spicy chilies, hot red peppers to decorate your kitchen. Along with these get hold of clay pottery, talavera canisters and display them in open shelves or shelves with stained glass. Wrought iron items also have a place in Mexican theme. So hit the yard sales to get hold of wrought iron racks, chandeliers and the like.

• When it comes to flooring you can choose from granite, marble, talavera, terracotta and even wooden tiles.

• Furniture can be distressed and painted in bold colors to get the Mexican look. You can also get hold of antique Mexican furniture in garage sales.

• Vintage items like clay pots, hooks, pottery  may be placed in Mexican kitchens.

• You can finish off the decorating by going for some Mexican art works, tapestry etc.


Asian Kitchen design:

An Asian kitchen is a design inspired by Asian and oriental styles and accents. These kitchens incorporate symmetry in their design and often have geometric patterns and curves in them. Asian kitchens can stand out alone with their fresh look or can be fused with European style to get a unique kitchen.  So if you are inspired with Asian kitchen design then here are few helpful tips.

History: Asian kitchens are inspired by Chinese, Japanese and Zen elements. They strive to achieve a clean, uniform and open look with their geometric shapes and patterns.

Pre-dominant colors:

Asian kitchens go for colors like red, black, white, brown etc. to get the clean look. Colors need to be combined to get a subdued look like black with white or silver to maintain the color flow in the kitchen.

Design elements:

As Asian kitchens borrow from oriental themes the usage of wood and bamboo is common in such kitchens. Modern kitchens do incorporate stainless steel, chrome etc. Wood carvings on walls, Asian mats, Asian themed art works, bamboo decorations, Feng Shui and Zen elements like water can be used in kitchens to get the right Asian look.

Tips to incorporate the theme in the kitchen:

• As natural is the theme in Asian kitchens go for wooden floors, cabinets or countertops.

• When it comes to accessories you can go for Asian style ornate rugs and rice mats. These add a rich look to your kitchen.

• Silk wall hangings, ornate wood carvings, bamboo plants can also be added in the kitchen.

• Asian lanterns, art decals, wall scones etc. are available at Amazon at discount prices. These can be easily added to the interior of the kitchen. You can also go for Chinese dragons, calligraphic wall hangings etc. as well.

• Chopsticks, urns, cups, placemats of oriental origin can be easily found in yard sales and at eBay. So use them to deck up your kitchen.


Eclectic kitchen design:

Mixing of old with new or traditional elements with modern kitchens is what Eclectic kitchen design is all about. It is a design which can be cool, funky and modern or sober, traditional and down to earth. In other words it is a kitchen design which can reflect your personality. Here are few simple ideas to incorporate the same.

Pre-dominant colors:

As the kitchen is a reflection of the home owner’s taste the colors could range from neutral to bold. You can experiment with different colors to get the kitchen theme you like.

Design elements:

Eclectic kitchens do not follow any common theme or rule. They can be a mix of traditional and contemporary or a mix of colors and patterns the décor being limited only by your budget and creativity. The only point to remember is to bind all the different elements in your kitchen by a common thread be it color, pattern, texture etc.

Tips to incorporate the theme in the kitchen:

• You can show off your antique kitchen dishware or other collections in eclectic kitchens. This can be done by keeping your background or the kitchen colors neutral or subtle so that the colors of the kitchen do not dominate the kitchen collections. Stick with cool colors or light shades to show off your collection.

• If you have a mix and match of all elements in your kitchen then it is best to bind them together or form a common thread between them. This can be done by linking them with similar color, pattern, material or say a distinctive time period.

• Or you can build an eclectic theme by choosing an unusual item and then grouping other items around it. The unusual item could be your backsplash, wall painting or a tile. Choose accessories based on the color, pattern or material and build your kitchen theme with it.

• You can turn your hobby collection in to an Eclectic theme for the kitchen. Things like shells, folk art, masks, art works, glass collection etcetera can be displayed in the kitchen. The kitchen design can then evolve around these collection pieces. For example if you have colorful folk art to be displayed then go for bright colors, ledges to display the art work and stained windows for glass shelves to showcase these items.


Modern kitchens:

If stylish, sleek and contemporary is the look you are striving to achieve for your kitchens then go for modern kitchens. The modern kitchen theme is all this and much more with their stylish appliances, modern countertop materials and high tech islands and cabinets. Here are few helpful pointers to incorporate this design in your kitchen.

Pre-dominant colors:

The color scheme will depend on the style of the modern kitchen. If you wish the kitchen to be clean cut and stylish then neutral colors blend well in the kitchen. Or if you prefer a dramatic effect then red, black and white will also look great. Usually vibrant colors are the order of the day in modern designs. You can also stick to monochromatic color scheme with dashes of bold color.

Design elements:

Stainless steel appliances, high tech kitchen appliances, white accents are popular aspects in modern kitchen design. Popular materials like granite, slate, marble and wood are often used in cabinets and countertops. Frosted glass doors, glass table tops or backsplashes are also seen in modern kitchen designs. Right ambient lighting can add the extra zing in your modern kitchen.

Tips to incorporate the theme in the kitchen:

• Go for sleek designs in kitchen islands. Islands can be oval, circle or square with build in racks. These can be free mounted or attached to countertops and serve as cooking cum preparation area. In small kitchens they can also serve as storage racks. You can go with marble, granite or slate island top materials or stick with glass tops to add a sleek touch in the kitchen.

• Sinks and faucets can change the look of a kitchen in an instant. Stylish faucets, round sinks can give a modern look to your kitchen. Faucets in bronze, silver, steel with high arc, and pull down styles can complement any modern kitchen.

• Modern cabinets with their glossy looks, glass doors can add allure to your kitchen. You can go for shaker panel style cabinets or stick with custom wood cabinetry or even opt for bamboo cabinets. Or try wall lacquer cabinets for a high end look for your kitchen.

• Countertops can be of marble, limestone, or granite with round or straight edges. Quartz, white stone or stainless steel can also be used to lend a classy feel to your kitchen.

• Modern and sleek appliances like dishwasher, microwaves, stainless steel appliances, chimneys, hoods can also be added to lend a sleek look to your kitchen. With right hood mounted lighting you can lend a soft feel to your countertop and kitchen. You can also go for pendant lights, recessed lighting to add depth to your kitchen room.


Retro kitchen design:

Retro means something from the past or looking backwards. So a retro kitchen primarily means kitchen designs from the past era. So any time period that is older than what you are in at present is a retro era and can be used for kitchen designs. So if you love the 1950’s bold kitchen colors or the World War 2 bright 1940’s kitchen design anything can be used to create a retro kitchen design.

Pre-dominant colors:

Retro colors are generally bold, bright and cheerful colors depending on the time period you choose for the retro look. So while bold colors were the norm in 1950’s and bright was the norm in 1940’s, the 1930’s had soft colors. But in general the colors like black, blue, silver, red, white, chrome etc. can be used as retro colors.

Design elements:

Retro kitchens generally feature bold colors like blue, green, yellow etc with painted cabinets, patterned floors and vintage towels and linens. Anything old which reminds you of yester years like telephone, clock, art work; vintage items need to be used in a retro kitchen design. Thrift stores may be a good place to get hold of vintage items like chairs, towels, rugs and lighting like wall lamps.

Tips to incorporate the theme in the kitchen:

In retro kitchens it is important to identify the time period or the era which you wish to mimic in your kitchen design. So search over the internet and look through books and magazines to get a fair idea on each era before you start designing your kitchen.

• So look for photos online and make a note of color, accessories, furniture of the time period.

• Then make a note of things which you can incorporate in your kitchen. The colors of a retro kitchen can be easily painted while the rest like retro appliances or furniture will have to be brought.

• EBay, antique shops, yard sales can be a great source for dishes, accessories and art work.

• Certain items like glass can turn out to be costly. In such cases go for imitation pieces.

• You can also go for minimalist retro designs leaning towards mid modern kitchens by opting for color palette and accessories of retro era and then giving a slight modern touch by going for pieces of the modern period.


Rustic kitchens:

Rugged, informal, cozy and down to earth are the words that come to mind when one thinks of rustic kitchens. With their simple, practical appearance the rustic kitchens have a timeless appeal of their own.

Pre-dominant colors:

Colors are generally shades of orange and yellow with blue, green and tomato red acting as accent colors. These colors provide the necessary visual depth in rustic kitchens. You can also go for subdued colors like brown and sunflower yellow if you wish for a less vibrant kitchen color.

Design elements:

Natural appearance is given more importance in this design. So something old, rugged and antiqued should be used in these kitchens. So wooden beams, antique cabinets, brass items, copper or bronze hardware need to be used. Distressed pieces are welcome in rustic kitchens. So this means unpolished wood, soapstone, honed granite and so on have a place in these kitchens.

Tips to incorporate the theme in the kitchen:

• You can set a rustic mood in the kitchen by opting for stone fireplaces and with distressed furniture like wooden table and chairs. Hang a few art pieces of by gone era and lo you have a rustic kitchen.

• Go for soapstone, honed granite or limestone countertops. Butcher block countertops can also be used in such kitchens.

• Brick or stone floors, wrought iron chandeliers, vintage fabrics for curtains and dish towels can complement the look further. Talavera tiles, paved bricks as floors can also be used in such kitchens.

• Open shelves displaying your antique dishware or simply hanging pots and pans from ceiling can also usher in a rustic feel for your kitchen.

• French style lanterns, plank top tables, fresh flowers in porcelain vases can also contribute to creating a rustic atmosphere.

• Soap stone sinks, antiqued tiles as backsplashes, vintage baskets and bowls add to the look of rustic kitchens.