Kitchen Floor Design : 10 Vital Tips You’ll Want To See …

“How important is the kitchen floor design?” quizzed my friend, while grilling her interior decorator in charge of her kitchen renovation project. “It forms the basis for an efficient and elegant kitchen in a contemporary home”, replied the grizzled expert, a veteran of many remodel and construction projects. Needless to add, his succinct explanation ensured that the importance of the kitchen flooring sunk in pretty deeply in my friend’s consciousness.

Today’s modern day kitchens are all about style and substance. They bear the brunt of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and still exude a kind of benign grace.  Thankfully, they have managed to change the insularity of the public with regard to their significance. Treating this personal space like another neglected, functional part of the house is now history.

These avant-garde layouts have certainly undergone a dramatic reversal of fortunes. Homeowners don’t hesitate to push the envelope a little further when it concerns kitchen design ideas. Whether the brilliant lighting, majestic hardwood cabinets, sparkling glass tile counter tops or the stately kitchen island, every aspect merits a thunderous applause.

Even less complicated matters like paint on the wall, grout colors, kitchen furniture or pictures intended for decorating the place, are treated with a great deal of awe and veneration. There certainly seems to be no paucity of imagination in the scores of DIY projects undertaken by homeowners.

Interior designers have quite a task on hand. They can no longer afford to treat questions relating to epoxy coatings or cost of repairs to structural damages to the sub floor with derision. The torrent of kitchen design software programs has given rise to a very astute and nifty breed of customer.

Floor Plans That Sweep You Off Your Feet

With practically every aspect of the kitchen acquiring rock star status, it doesn’t come as a surprise that installing the floor is accompanied by a lot of song and dance.  After all, if the flooring fails to take off, even the most delectable of kitchen spaces looks drab.

But you cannot be cavalier about making a choice from among the scores of flooring materials. If you think only a wood floor makes a clean sweep, you’re in for quite a shock. Laminate, vinyl sheets and tiles, travertine, slate, ceramic, brick, bamboo, mosaic, linoleum, hardwood and plywood- the options are infinite. Even that simple mat or carpet covering the custom kitchen floor can stop traffic.

The Rationale Behind Your Choice

You certainly are not hamstrung for lack of choices, but you may be at your wits end trying to figure out the best option for your kitchen floor. Here are ten treasured tips that will ease your consternation a bit:

  • Since installing the flooring involves a great deal of investment, you must ensure that you derive maximum benefit from the same.
  • Comfort and safety are the most important parameters that need to be considered first.
  • Its resilience and durability are more than tested by spills, accidents and traffic. The flooring must be tough enough to withstand constant wear and tear.
  • Beauty is another factor that cannot be relegated to the background. The flooring must bear allegiance to your aesthetic sensibilities. The design, patterns and style must add to the appeal of cabinets, counter tops and kitchen appliances.
  • A flooring that calls for no or low maintenance always wins extra brownie points.
  • Your brand new flooring must not really wreck havoc on your bank balance. So make sure it’s affordable.
  • It must be in sync with your lifestyle too. The presence of kids is certain to influence your decision. Your style of cooking and other special needs must also be taken into account.
  • Have you considered an open kitchen floor plan? Its ability to join the living room, creating a hub for entertainment and socializing makes it an instant hit with party animals.
  • A disconnect between the essential elements of the work triangle – the refrigerator, sink and the cook top – is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you provide ample space near all three of them. The presence of rugs or mats also keeps the area clean.    The importance of a kitchen island cannot be overemphasized. The installation of a kitchen canopy injects a dose of freshness to a small kitchen.
  • Your entreaties with respect to drawing up kitchen floor plans are answered by kitchen design software programs. If you’re still confused, the scores of home improvement service providers can help you make sense of the cryptic research.

Let’s Get Candid

Stone, tile or wood? Finding it hard to make up your mind? Here are the new-age flooring options at their candid best:

  • Hardwood:  Soak in the wrap-around elegance and warmth of solid wood or hardwood, and     you’ll get a feel of its sheer opulence. Its innate warmth and luxury is sure to send your imagination soaring. Wood floors with decorative effects look simply spectacular. Considering its rock-solid durability, you will not have to worry about replacements for years to come. However, to withstand the onslaught of water, traffic, stains and spills, you need to invest in a urethane finish. But this blue-chip material does come at a price.
  • Bamboo: It’s ethereal. It’s exotic. Its bamboo. This renewable flooring can certainly give hardwood a run for its elitist tag in terms of style, strength and adaptability. This incredible surface is also awfully simple to maintain.
    • Laminate: This old war horse has weathered many a storm, rather admirably. Thanks to advances in the field of technology, this easy to install and maintain surface has managed to leapfrog to the frontline. It’s ideal for homeowners craving for the look and feel of hardwood minus the atrocious costs. This eco-friendly material consists of several layers, with the ones lower down putting up a brave face against heat and sound. The top layers provide protection to the lower ones. The absence of tell-tale marks on the floor helps them score over carpets and linoleum But make sure you keep laminates scratch free. It may flounder for breadth under the pressure of water or moisture, so necessary care is important.
    • Concrete: Its flexibility and durability are the main reasons that have contributed to its burgeoning popularity. It adds another feather in its cap with its remarkable heat retention properties, thus carrying forward the mantel of energy conservation. There are also some awesome colors, designs and textures to choose from. But its weight works against it, making it rather arduous to install. Also, it calls for the need to apply a sealer to protect it from spills and stains. Sometimes, reinforcements need to be called in to make it robust.
    • Tiles: Several reasons can be advanced to explain its omnipresence in every kitchen remodeling or renovation project. Whether granite, travertine or ceramic, the common thread of easy installation, hygiene, simple maintenance and durability runs through all of them. Tiles also raise the bar when it comes to resistance to humidity. Ceramic tiles, both glazed and porcelain are every designer’s top pick. The array of colors, designs and patterns ensure that you’re never woefully starved for choice.

There has been a paradigm shift in the manner in which the kitchen floor is planned and designed. With such developments, it’s not that hard to break new ground in the liveliest part of our homes.