What You Should Know About Kitchen Island Designs

Planning a kitchen remodel project? Sure, it’s long overdue, and I’m certain you have worked out a laundry list of things to do –cabinets with intricate wood work, granite countertops, a glass tile backsplash, contemporary maple furniture for that small and cozy breakfast nook, faultless electrical connections and lighting for that perfect ambience.

But your plans of creating spunk and sizzle in that stark, dispassionate space are sure to remain incomplete if you do not make kitchen island designs an essential part of these plans. There are limitless designs available at different prices and different shapes and sizes that you can either buy or build, both to enhance your work space and attenuate all your storage related concerns.

Simple Construction; Big Impact

It could be kitchen center island designs that promise to elevate your kitchen’s inherent beauty to another level, sturdy and stylish stainless steel mobile kitchen islands, movable kitchen carts or a portable table fitted with wheels – each one of these represents the perfect amalgam between function and fashion.

They can be used in a wide variety of ways – for basic chores like cutting and chopping, to eat and to even do homework and pay bills. They assist, rather admirably, in the storage of kitchen tools, cutlery and utensils. Needless to say, their presence gives the efficient functioning of your kitchen a much-desired shot-in-the-arm.

It is their ability to make contemporary kitchens more efficient and organized that has made these islands an intrinsic part of every modern kitchen. Therefore, the innumerable innovative kitchen island ideas that are conceptualized every day do not come as a surprise. These breathtaking ideas unite high quality materials with new-age designs. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you are sure to find an island design that would be completely in sync with your needs and desires.

It is probably this amazing ability to transform a dull and dreary space into a comfortable, spacious and tidy workplace that has sent their popularity soaring through the stratosphere.

Important Considerations

Just a fleeting glance at the dizzying array of designs, styles, shapes and materials, and you are sure to kind of lose the plot. How does one know which design to choose? Which material will match the overall theme of the space? Should there be more emphasis on the style factor, or should comfort and practicality top your list of priorities? How will the other accessories in the kitchen be placed with regard to the kitchen island?

If you too seem to heading nowhere with regard to your kitchen island plans, here are a few pointers that would ensure that you make the perfect choice:

  • Size of the kitchen: One does not really require great powers of imagination to figure out the importance of the size of the kitchen. If you are keen on an island in the centre, make sure your kitchen is large enough to accommodate it. U, G or L-shaped kitchens can manage this with ease. But if you are not fortunate enough to have a large space, a portable butcher’s block or food cart is sure to do the trick. Simplicity is the mantra for small spaces, and there are several innovations in design that will enable you to utilize the available space with efficiency.
  • Storage concerns: A kitchen island must also provide some respite from all your storage related concerns. If the lack of adequate workspace is your constant gripe, then make sure the island you choose has enough countertop space on either side. Small spaces are sure to benefit big time from a portable work table. Mobile kitchen islands put all space and storage related issues on the backburner. If the one you choose is equipped with racks, shelves and cabinets, it will enable you to strike the right balance between style and effective space utilization. It always makes sense to determine every aspect of the kitchen island – from the top to the kitchen island legs.
  • Shape: There are several shapes that one can choose from. While round, square and rectangle are most popular, there has been a sudden increase in the demand for the triangle shape as well. Whatever you choose, make sure it suits the primary set-up of your kitchen.
  • Portability: Fixed kitchen islands add to the aura of a large kitchen. Mobile kitchen islands fixed on wheels are ideal for medium and smaller sized kitchens. If you use your kitchen island occasionally or have a constricted space, then you must invest in a folding kitchen island.
  • Versatility: The design you choose must fulfill all your requirements completely. Whether the preparation of food, rolling dough, cooking, cleaning or storing utensils and cook books, your design should never let you down.
  • Style quotient: Contemporary, French-country or antique – make sure the style of the kitchen island complements the overall theme of the space. Analyze the different kinds of materials – bead board, granite, marble, laminate, wood, metal – and choose the one that can bear the brunt of all the chores.
  • Other accessories: If you opt for a kitchen island that holds a cooktop, make sure you invest in an overhead ventilation hood to prevent the onslaught of smoke, steam and strong odors. If it holds a kitchen sink, all the other accessories like the dishwasher and recycle bins must be kept close by. If you have large pots and pans, you will require a fairly deep kitchen sink within the island.
  • Budget: This is, by far, the most important consideration, particularly in these gloomy financial times. It is the amount of money that will decide not only the island design, but also, the material, finish and the additional features. It will also determine if you customize an island with help from kitchen island kits, or let a ready-to-use kitchen island from a reputed furniture store make waves in the space.

Finally, your quotidian jousts with limited space are a thing of the past.